Struggles I Must Win

We play and die
In the devious trap they set
By vain promises we try
Still very little we get
The gold may glitter
But our chances are made bleak
And silently we become bitter
Cause the struggle is so steep
Unfilled promises won’t change
For I’m still a son of a slave
And don’t they find it strange
For I’m gutsy and I’m brave
How could you suggest?
I ignore my father’s plight
While you make plans to conquer
And rid me of my sight
The songs I sing
Bear verses of my ancestors cry
My struggles I must win
Lest all hopeful dreams will die
Don’t try to obliterate
Prints from paths I’ve walked
You lured me to practice your religion
And your language made me talk
Don’t lure me friendly
With untouchable dreams to fish
Dear God, strong and mighty
Save this sacred throne I sit