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SUMMERJAM 2016 wants to take you back: BACK TO THE FUTURE


A month ago, I attended one of the largest street festivals in Germany in my adopted town, Wuppertal. The festival hosts a number of different stages but everyone knows that people basically come just for the Reggae/Dancehall stage. But then again, seeing that I am Jamaican and a proud one at that I might just be delusional. Whereas, there could be a high probability that persons attending the street fest in Wuppertal could be there to enjoy different styles of music, SUMMERJAM, leaves no margin of error. Thousands and thousands and thousands of people come from literally all over the world to pay homage yearly (because, that it what it really is) to Reggae, sorry make that KING REGGAE.
True, it can be said that it is no surprise that Germans have had an obsession with Jamaican music from the days when it was just mostly Ska. But it still comes as a huge surprise sometimes shock to me as a Jamaican, just how many reggae festivals are thrown here in Germany yearly. The reggae festival season does not begin until you have attended SUMMERJAM. There is no way to sugarcoat it, we have covered so many reggae festivals all over Europe but none compare to the mega festival on the tiny Island on Fühlinger See in Cologne, it is the perfect location…… it cannot be stressed enough, what a treat it is to attend. Missing home or want to visit the Caribbean but bank funds are low? Look no further than a weekend with the most no problem, no stress, chilled group of persons from literally all over the world to spend it with. As well Jerk Chicken, Rum Punch, Red Stripe, Curry Goat, Jamaican Patties, Brown Stewed Fish, I could go on, but I am not trying to make you hungry. The weather has not been friendly as much as last year but who knows, it is safe to say expect Sunshine (whether liquid or not) and most importantly of course, world renown Reggae Artists from all over the world.
Acts like Black Uhuru, Stephen Marley, Taurus Riley, Tanya Stephens, Christopher Martin, Richie Stephens, and the Doctor Jimmy Cliff to name a few, have graced the stages in the past and rocked out for tens of thousands of people. The lineup for this year includes Sean Paul, who has performed at SUMMERJAM before, Chronixx, Morgan Heritage, Gentleman and the son of Reggae himself KYMANI MARLEY among others! SUMMERJAM is simply a MUST. E-Tickets are available to make it really a breeze to purchase.
“Back to the Future” is the motto of the 31st.SUMMERJAM that will take place from July 01. to 03. 2014. E-Tickets are available to make it really a breeze to purchase, more Tickets info and details can be found here https://en.summerjam.de/.

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