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Summers in Jamaica

Every summer holiday I go to Jamiaca. I stay with relatives in Kingston and trust me I have a ball. Though many problems face Jamiaca the people seem to get through with having nothing but pure fun.

Going to the beach to eat festival, the movies, malls, and Tastee’s. Just like the locals. Just hanging out. Going to clubs like Mirage and Peppers. Rolling down the street in an open window car and just letting the jerk pork and fried fish fill the air. And the Kingston party’s with the best dj’s that never seem to end.

But the best part of my summers are indepence weekend. Everyone goes to the country(Negril, Ochie, Mo Bay) for the weekend to celebrate Jamaica’s indepence. You stay in hotels and villas and every day you go to the beach while every night you go to a party that doesn’t seem to end until sun-up. Every summer O look forward to going to Jamiaca because it surely is the country that never sleeps.

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