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Taken for Granted

I was born and raised partly in Jamaica. My childhood days were interesting. We were not rich people and sometimes it was difficult to make ends meet. My dad worked hard to support us, (mom was living abroad) and we hardly ever went hungry. I used to love attending primary school. My brother did not like school very much. My dad told me my brother would complain of a bellyache whenever he did not want to go to school.

I used to have to walk approx. 6 miles to school……. mostly on rocky roads. Feet used to be shined with vaseline because we could not afford lotion sometimes. Many times the nails in our shoes (put in by the shoemaker) would be pinching us but we still went to school HAPPY. We were still able to play hopscotch and othe games coming home from school. When the fights would break out, we would get a kick out of saying, “Hot fire, hot fire”, in order to fuel the fight.

I used to love lemonade with hot hardo bread and butter! Man, those were the days! I used to enjoy cinnamon buns, the spice buns and bulla with cheese. Not to mention the real Jamaican dishes… to me there is nothing like Jamaican food!

I currently live in the U.S. I miss Jamaica a lot. Being away makes me realize how much I have ignored and taken for granted. There are many things from my past that I enjoyed while living in Jamaica, some things I wish I could have changed. Yet, Jamaica is still a great place….. rich culture and exciting people. I love it!

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