Interview with Tami Chynn

PD – Hi Tami, You are a young adult, 21 years of age, when did you start singing and why did you choose the performing arts and music as a career?

TC – Performing is literally what flows through my veins. I loooooove perfoming, I love singing, I love dancing and acting. It just allows me to be so expressive. I get to be a mouthpiece for a lot of people through my art and I love that too.

PD – The music and performing arts is often described as not one for the faint of heart, I have read where you took part in voice , dance and acting classes , being prepared to work in show business from you were small. What do you think now about the performing arts is it one based on training or much talent?

TC – Definitely a combination of both. Talent definitely has to be there and then learning to take advantage of that by honing your ability is just as important. I always felt that my voice is like a muscle…….I have to keep working at it. If I want to stay in shape, I have to go to the gym, If I want to go on to higher education I have to go to school….get my drift. The funny thing is, that being a successful artist also means being a smart artist. This business nuh easy….trus’ me. (hehehe)

PD – In 2001 you participated in Shaggy’s world tour as a member of his dance troop, how would you recall that experience?

TC – I have very fond memories of that experience. What more could an aspiring artist ask for? That was school for me, that was my classroom. It was a tremendous experience and one I will not forget.


PD – Name some of the musical acts that you have collaborated with in the past?

TC – I’ve been really blessed to have the chance to work with some very amazing artists like Beenie Man , Lady Saw and Wayne Marshall (part 3 is coming). Just recently, I worked with Sean Paul for his new album “Trinity” and also with Assassin for my album. I’ve also worked with great young artists such as Sanjay and Busy Signal . As you can see, I love working with artists.

PD – You have performed at reggae sumfest in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Do Jamaicans welcome you with open arms or are you seen as a foreigner or outsider?

TC – You tell me…..hahahahahaha. I imagine both. Some people see me one way, others see me another way. I try not to get caught up in that whole drama because people are entitled to believe what they like. It’s my choice to be me…..take me or leave me…., uptown, downtown, mid-town, no town, foreigner or home grown, just call me Tami.

PD – How would you describe your style of music, would you say its rootsy, cut and thrust dancehall or just simply soul stirring melody?

TC – If I had to put a label on my music I would really like to think of it as a kind of eclectic dancehall. I listen to all kinds of music so I am influenced by a lot of different types and inevitably it comes out in my music. It’s a fusion of R&B, Pop, a likkle jazz and of course reggae and dancehall.

PD – What are some of the advice and recommendations you would give to young Jamaican adults who also want to make a go of a career in the performing arts?

TC – It’s really important to know that there is a lot of Business involved. In fact it’s all basically ‘business’. It’s important to have support of people around you because they are the ones who lift you up when you’re down and lift you higher when you’re up. Take advice and criticism, be good to people, I always say “whoever you pass on the way up you pass on the way down” and last but not least…pray, pray, pray…make God your source.

PD – Is performing on the international stage any more difficult than performing in Jamaica, what are some of the challenges that you face as a musical artist and performer?

TC – Well, performing in Jamaica is definitely hard because it’s home, these are my people, my peers, my friends, my family and when I’m away, I feel a real responsibility to represent Jamaica in a positive way. So, I guess, there is always pressure, but it’s good pressure. I’m always working on my on-stage ability because there’s always room for improvement, I really want to experience my full potential as an artist/performer and that’s gonna take time.

PD – I know a lot of people are waiting for you to release your first album, you must be working hard in the studio’s with your producer, when can we expect an album from Tami chynn?

TC – I am hoping that it will be out early 2006. it will be out though, it’s coming…

PD – Personally speaking Tami, are you involved romantically speaking, is their a special guy in your life and how does he deal with your busy schedule?

TC – Hahahahahaha…next!!!

PD – When is your next major performing event, and will you be touring North America any time soon?

TC – Not too sure when my next major performance is but I know that we’ll soon be starting a promotional tour for North America but if you check out my website you can checkout my news and events page and keep up to date with what’s happening, you can also see videos interviews, listen to music, read my diary and sign my guest book. Check it out.


PD – Thank you for answering these questions, best of wishes for a successful career.

TC – No Prob, thanx.