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Team Jamaica plays lawn bowls in the Heathfield Gala Day

Players from left to right: Louie Holness, Mervyn Edwards, Andrew Newell and Walter William

Players from left to right: Louie Holness, Mervyn Edwards, Andrew Newell and Walter William

Team Jamaica played in only their second event since playing at the commonwealth games green in Glasgow last year. This year Jamaica entered the annual Heathfield Bowls Club Gala Day. Placed in a group of 12 teams each team plays 5 matches of 6 ends each with the overall highest scoring team going to the final.

A shaky start in Jamaicans first match lead to a 6-3 defeat to Heathfield (Dyer). Jamaica corrected that result with their first ever win in competitive lawn bowls, beating Magdalen Park 7-4. Third match against Belmont brought Jamaica back down to earth with a crashing 9-4 defeat. The Jamaican team went back to the drawing board and prepared for their final 2 matches of the day.
Match 4 and Jamaica start the second end already 3-0 down to the Belmont (Mix) team but after picking up 5 points in the next 3 ends Jamaica started to stamp their dominance in the match. Final score finished 9-3 to Jamaica winning last 5 ends in a row. Filled with confidence Jamaica went in to their final match against the unbeaten Heathfield (Sprigg). The match started very tensely as Heathfield needed to win to finish with a place in the grand final while the Jamaicans was desperate to end the day with more wins than losses. Starting slowly again Jamaica found their self behind by just the 1 shot after the first end. Jamaica hit back straight away and levelled the score after the 2 ends. That would be the closest the match got as Jamaica seemed to click and perform almost perfectly for the first time in the event, picking up 4 shots in the next end and another 5 points in the next 2 ends. Heathfield managed to score in the final end of the match leaving the score 10-2 to team Jamaica. A great day overall for team Jamaica finishing at least 6th place from 12 teams.

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