Teen Noah Salmon Raise Funds for schools in Jamaica with 40-Hour Technology Black-Out

Noah Salmon, 17, and his friends raised funds to purchase new technology for schools in Jamaica. Salmon, the son of Paul Salmon, chairman of the Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, participated in a fund-raising project designed to benefit five basic and primary schools in Westmoreland that are supported by the Rockhouse Foundation. A portion of the funds was also marked for contribution to building the first special needs school in western Jamaica. The teens’ initial goal was to raise $25,000, and while they reached that goal, they continue to raise money for other projects. In May 2016, Noah and his friends gave up playing video games, watching television, using social media and abstaning from phone calls, texting and emails for 40 hours. In return for their effort, friends and family promised to donate various amounts of money for each hour. Noah is committed to philanthropic efforts and already has a history of involvement with charities, including a stint as a volunteer at early childhood institutions in Jamaica in 2015. The money raised during the technology black-out will fund hardware, software, training, new computers and tablets, and internet access for Jamaican school classrooms.

The Rockhouse Foundation transforms the places where Jamaica’s children learn and supports the people who teach them… The Rockhouse Foundation over the past decade has invested over US$3 million in projects improving education for the Negril area’s children. Since its inception, the Foundation has completely transformed and modernized five schools: Moreland Hill Primary and Infant Schools, Negril All Age School, Negril Basic School, Little Bay All Age and Infant Schools, Bunch of Stars E.C.I., in addition to the complete renovation and expansion of the Negril Community Library.

The Foundation’s current project is the building of the areas first Special Needs Early Childhood School in the region’s capital, Svannah-la- Mar. Through these projects the Rockhouse Foundation directly impacts the lives of thousands of young people and their families.