What People Are Saying About Jamaicans.com

what are people saying about Jamaicans-com

I have just found your site ( as a result of helping my daughter with her homework on Reggae Music) and I have been listening to the history of reggae and the various sub sections. I am thoroughly enjoying it. I am a Jamaican living in London England from a child. I feel extremely proud and I will be recommending this site to as many people as I can. God bless you all and a big thank you.

I’m not sure how i came upon this site…might have been in a search but i just want say, I am a jamaican living abroad (new jersey) and i absolutely LOVE this website, well designed, well written, and a lot of good jamaica info….so BIG UP jamaicans.com keep up the good work………

This site is a wonderful sight, keep on doing for LOVE!

Of all the people claiming to be ‘Jamaicans’ I must say that the site Jamaicans.com presents a true picture of the Jamaican spirit. I hope that they will keep up to good work and that advertisers will support them overwhelmingly.

Dear Jamaicans.com,

This is a message from my daughter, Charlotte, aged 9, who is doing a project on Jamaica:

“Thanks for doing this web site – it has given me loads of information about Jamaica and its people. Even if I don’t get quite a good mark for my project, I will still be grateful for the research that your site has given me. Love from Charlotte”

Your site is fantastic, and has really given us a desire to visit Jamaica – one day!

Thanks very much, keep up the great work.
Kind regards,

This site is very informative for all jamaicans who always like to learn
more about the country and especially to all who is not from jamaica, so i will like to say that i really appreciate what you people are doing one love and stay strong for what you belive in irie. –
Tameshia Patrick

Just a wonderful site. I love the Anancy stories.
yvette brunson

Good Afternoon, …. I want to tell you that having an email account @jamaicans.com means something very,very special to me. I have not been able to come home for at least two years because I must stay in the US to care for my terminally ill parents. …… I miss JA, my friends, the way of life, the food, the beauty and spirit of Jamaicans, EVERYTHING ! Somehow, spending time on your excellent website, after I look at my mail, makes me feel “connected”. I ‘ m experiencing deeply in my heart the truth of the saying : “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Your site brought tears to my eyes today 🙂 happy memories,love for my friends and a Hope that I ‘ll soon be there again
Ms.J. Sullivan
Thanks for all the great stuff on the site!
Susie Sherod


I don’t mean to be yet another e-mail that you need to read. But I just had to write and thank you for a wonderful web site.

My 11 year old son needed to do a school report on Jamaica, and found your site to be VERY helpful!

Thank you so much for the Jamaica for Kids section!

God Bless You and your hard work on this web site.
M Star

I enjoy your website site very much! I brought back curry & ginger spices from Jamaica…where I discovered that I actually do love curry…but only when it is cooked for 20 minutes+–thoroughly through the food. Prior to that, I thought I disliked it and I did because restaurants in the US tend to not cook it long enough.
The Honorary Jamaican Gal
This website is wonderful! I’ve spent quite a few hours looking for a good Jamaican resource on-line…I can’t believe I just now found you. You’re recipes are truly authentic, compared to all the other “so called Jamaican” recipes floating around. It is very informative and easy to navigate. Thank you for creating such a good
Malika Faquir

Just recently discovered Jamaicans.com. It’s a great site. I want to extend my sincere gratitude to you and everyone at Jamaicans.com. Ever since the day I discovered this site, I always take pride telling others about it.I enjoy browsing through it. There is always something in the discussion
forum that make me LOL.
William L. Nelson

Jamaicans.com is a God send. I was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica and left at the age of 15 to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Having a venue like Jamaicans.com to reach my fellow Jamaicans is a dream come true. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
I believe it’s a great achievement for Jamaicans all over the world to voice their ideas- Good luck to Jamaicans.com


Every time I come in here, it always makes me feel good and proud to be Jamaican!!!! Though I may not have been born there, I represent my Jamaican heritage to the FULLEST and I always try to learn more!!!! Now that I found this address I can keep up with stuff happening in Jamaica without having a huge phone bill!

Candace Pinnock
Uniondale, NY USA

This site is indeed very informative and entertaining. My congratulations to all those involved in putting it together and maintaining it. Big up!!


It is great to see such an efficient web site dedicated to my homeland and when I miss Jamaica all I have to do is click to your pictures and I feel close.

Samantha Davidson
Coral Gables, FL USA

I continue to love and cherish the land of my birth, my beautiful Jamaica. Thanks for allowing me to still visit through the web while being so far away from home.

eartha c morris
Riverdale, Md USA



Words aren’t enough to describe how pleased and proud mi feel fi si mi bredda an sista dem from yawd an farin a express demself pon disya medium. Respect to whoever is responsible for inventing a home away from home especially for Jamaicans who want to keep abreast of the runnings. This site is truly AMAZING!!!!

Owen G. Walker
Regina, SK. CANADA

For someone who has just moved down to Jamaica for the 1st time, this site has given me a lot of insight into the Jamaican culture. Can’t wait to try out these recipes too! Nuff respect!

westmoreland, USA

I am glad I came upon this website, reading the other people’s comments about Jamaica makes me feel proud and blessed that I was born in such a beautiful country. To all Jamaicans just keep it real and don’t forget where you come from.

Brooklyn, NY USA

Great site…It’s been interesting going through the comments. However, the web site it’self has been very educative and entertaining for me. It has now become one of my regular stops on the net. Keep up the good work and keep Jamaica shining. This is a positive sign and a change from having all the negative publicity about us in the media.

Janice Cole
London, UK

www.jamaicans.com is truly a piece of art!!! One of the best sites I’ve ever seen… Jah Guidance

Mikael Carell

Repect to all the contributors to the site…The site is an inspiration. It is helping to plant the Jamaican culture firmly on the Globe.

Stephen “Blanco” White
London, England

I’m Jamaican and this website is a perfect example of why I’m proud to have been born and raised on such a beautiful island (possibly the most beautiful island in the world).

Waterbury, Ct USA

Thank you for having this web site. I’m a student in college and I needed to get some information about Jamaica for my Business class final presentation. Your web site gave me more than enough. Once again, thank you.

calumet, il USA

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT WEBSITE, I LOVE IT!! I always wanted to know how to cook peas and rice and I found everything I needed plus a little fun in the process.

Cristina Myles
Alcolu, SC USA

It always gives me a warm feeling when wonderful things are said about Jamaica, whether it’s coming from native Jamaicans or abroad. It was truly a joy to visit your website.

Nicola Blake
Stamford, CT USA


I found this site very informative and helpful. I truly enjoyed it and now I am even more thrilled to visit Jamaica this summer than I was before!

Mary Le

Louisville, Ky USA


Nice Website, I love the Glossary and Recipes. Now mi can share dem wid mi Merikan frends dem, so dat wen mi talk dem wi understan me. One Love, One Heart, Out of Many One People.


Jamaica, NY USA






Today is the first time I am visiting this site – I never knew about it before. I am happy to see that you provide a wealth of information not only for tourists but for Jamaican nationals as well. Congrats on a fine job-

carmelitta d’andrade

atlanta, Ga USA


This site is great. My family is planning a trip to Montego Bay in December and this site helped give us an idea of what to expect. We are very excited and ‘counting the days’. Thanks! I really liked the SPEAK JAMAICAN pages and the stories about CHRISTINE in Canada were fun to read.

Kelly O

Osgoode, ON Canada


It is great to be informed of what is happening in the beautiful land of wood & sunshine, Island of Jamaica. It is with great pleasure that I commend the persons who helped to make this site what it is. One love!!!!!!!!!! Peace Out!!!!!!

Lois Watson

Bridgeport, CT USA


I absolutely love the “Jamaica Story Time” it’s unique to your site. It brought back so many wonderful memories. I appreciate the great work and creativity in keeping us in touch with the Homeland. Fabulous page!!!


Kelowna, BC Canada


This is a great web site. I love the Jamaican people and culture and am always looking for new ways to keep updated. This website introduced me to new things. Keep up the good work!

Alison Ingram

Montreal, Quebec Canada


I think this web site is a good way for Jamaicans who live in London to keep in touch with what is going on. This is also a good idea for people to get in touch with their friends who they may not have seen for a while. Another thing I like about this web site is being able to get the most up to date info on all sorts of topics. What I’m trying to say is this web site is da bomb!!!




This web site definitely deserves an A+++ !!!!!

Kingston, Jamaica


When I am homesick, I just turn to your web site. It makes me feel so much closer to home. Thank you for the web site.


Bklyn, NY USA


Another interesting part of this site is its Bulletin Board! It’s hilarious and informative. Found it by “accident.” It’s worth a peek!

Oswald Ferguson

Albany, GA USA


This is an absolutely brilliant site! I’m a Jamaican living in London for too long now. It is great to see Jamaica on-line and the ‘link-up’ where other Jamaicans (and otherwise) can communicate with each other. The discussions are very interesting and some of the jokes really had me in stitches. Keep up the good work!


London, UK


It is good see that my fellow Jamaicans can come and converse about culture. It is sometimes hard to know that you are so far away from your home land and there is no way you can check out what is going on. I am to say that I am Jamaican born and breed. So keep up the good work! Irie!!!!

Ruchell Smith

Colonia, NJ USA


It is so wonderful to see and read all the wonderful things about my home. It makes me so homesick.

H. Telfer

Ottawa, Canada


This is a very informative and entertaining website – it’s so good to be able to go home while in my living room.

Cecile Strudwick

Miami, FL USA


I think this is a great web site! Its nice to know that even if ‘yu dey a farin’ there are still other Jamaicans around to make you feel at home.

Kimberly Jackson

Largo, Md USA


I would like to express my appreciation to those responsible for developing and maintaining this site. I’ve been here almost every day since discovering it, for the simple reason that it evokes in me a lot of memories of my beloved Jamaica. It’s an excellent site, with great links, thanks a million for building it.

Nadia Reid

Ottawa, ON Canada


I was so glad when I discovered this website. It keeps me informed about my homeland, which I love and miss so much. Keep up the good work.

Diahann Logan

Bridgeport, CT USA


Came across this site by chance. It’s great!! I’ve never laughed so hard in a long time.


Bronx, NY USA


This site is wonderful and very exciting. I’m going to Jamaica and this site has helped.

Christel Hudson

Clyde, Oh USA


Thank you for helping us stay in touch with Jamaica. Visiting the Negril board brings back so much memories of the good times I once had in Negril before moving to Toronto.

M. Wilkie

Toronto, ON CANADA


I think this web site is a very good idea and allows people just an initial inside view of the beauty of JAMAICA, my favorite island and one where I do have some roots. To experience it for yourself, you MUST take a trip!!!!!


Roosevelt, NY USA


Who wooda believe say mi deh pon computer, if me granny coulda see mi, she wooda mus poop. Anyway nuff respect to everybody, it good fi see seh we a push forwud ina de world, an a progress. Give tanks to de people dem weh come up wid dis idea.

Barrington Miles

killeen, tx USA


This site is wonderful. I have it book marked both at home and at work. I recently grabbed some information for a student who was doing an article on Jamaica for her presentation. I got a wealth of information for her from this site. I thoroughly enjoy the humor. I visit on a regular basis. Keep it up.

Merlene Whittingham

Ft. Hood, TX USA


This is a great site. You have provided a place where Jamaicans at home and abroad can make connections with each other.

Orrett Kong

Windsor, CT USA


Really nice site! I love the Bob Marley info (not too many people in my small town have heard of him) and the recipe section is great! I will definitely be returning to this site!

Julie Wynn

Frederick, OK USA


I was surfing the web on the computer at work when I found your delightful page. It’s nice to know there is someone out there who is willing to provide positive information about our wonderful and lively Jamaican Culture. Thank You for doing it so tasteful.

Karlene Scott



I found this website by chance and I must say it is fantastic!!! It is informative, while hilarious. I’ve forwarded the site to a bunch of friends so they can share in the jokes. It’s nice to see something like this that is really for Jamaicans, obviously by fun-loving Jamaicans and not only for potential tourists. Great job!!!!

Claudine Chen-Young

Washington, DC USA


Am I the only Jamaican in Australia?!? Thank God for this web site.

Ansel Clarke

Manly, NSW Australia


I just happened upon this site. It is wonderful, I am extremely happy to find it. Reading every body’s stories have taken up my entire lunch hour. Anyhow, it was worth it. It is just so good to see everyone on this site.

Sharon Ramsay

North York, To Canada


I feel fortunate to have stumbled on this site. I cannot begin to express the pride and joy I felt in my country and nationality. This, to me, demonstrates what I have always known and that is Jamaica has the ability to be more than just a developing nation. This is truly a step in the right direction…towards an age of technology and advancement. To all the Jamaicans out there…never doubt your strength and abilities or that of your country.

Christine Campbell Henneghan

Washington, DC USA


I am very impressed with the quality of the web site. I am also a JAMAICAN and I am in the States studying. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING SUCH A REAL LIFE PICTURE OF JAMAICA.


Lynchburg, Virginia USA


Your site is really helpful to me when I`m doing my english project on Jamaica. Thank you very much!!

Ragnar Woje



This site is definitely one of the best out there on the web; all props go to the designers and staff who put this page together. Viewed the page in its entire entirety and trust me it was a stress beater. Studying all the way from home is a pain and this site was a true experience for me to kick back and laugh. Although most of the things are funny, most is true, especially the Ja-Fa-kan part. Much love

L. Brown

Lithonia, GA USA


Your site has much useful information on the culinary arts of Jamaica. As a restaurateur in New Mexico (Jamaican Grill) you have made it possible to create house specials that are just wonderful and greatly received by my clients. Keep up the good work and thanks again. Peace.

Leighton DaCosta

Albuquerque, NM USA


Your Alumni notifications service have put me in contact with lost but not forgotten friends. Thank you very much for a wonderful service. Thank you so much for all of the information.

Andrea Mcdonald-Black



Thank you so much for all of the information. I couldn’t have finished my paper without you! By the way, some articles made me double over in laughter. God Bless

Marilyn H. Tucker

Washington, DC USA


God knows how long I have been looking for a worthwhile Jamaican site to visit. It gets lonely sometimes when you’re trying so hard to find a Jamaican on line. I have enjoyed visiting this site and I will continue to do so. Nuff respect!!! Ann

bronx, ny USA