Thank You Mr. Trump!!!

The American dream invites all citizens to share their opinions on the candidates for presidency openly. What a great privilege! You may call this guy ignorant, disgusting, womanizing, tax cheating, and perhaps even “poorly educated” lol.

For me, I choose to see Mr. Trump as a reminder of the beauty of our democracy. The type of political system that allows ordinary citizens to have a voice and to exercise that voice in choosing our leaders. Donald Trump is the choice of the Republic party. It means therefore that there are millions of people who think he is the right candidate to be commander in chief. Isn’t that awesome?

I am extremely happy! I am extremely hopefully! What this means is that ANYBODY and I mean ANYBODY can run for president of these United States! This says well about our democracy and it speaks volumes about our people and the integrity of this system that allows us to think independently without fear of reprisal. And so I personally thank Mr. Trump for bringing this fact to the forefront. This is our opportunity to see ourselves as leaders, agents of change, and the architect of our own destiny. After all, if Mr. Trump can be elected to be the Republican Party’s nominee then by golly, ANY OF US CAN !!!