‘The Book Launch of Book Launches – it was epic!’ – Living a Hip Life the New Book by Dr Sue

Sunday, July 19, 2020, more than 2.5K viewers on FaceBook and over 100 attendees on Zoom were enthralled as four panelists conveyed the concepts of Dr Sue’s newest book – Living a Hip Life – The story of a mother as told by a daughter.  The book, in the words of the moderator, ‘is a phenomenal keep-sake which will transform your life.  It is an easy-read book which is transformative as it includes reflective questions allowing the readers to be introspective in applying the elements to their own lives.’

The evening was moderated by Hon Norman O. Hemming III, Federal Judge and Pastor. It was opened with a rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings” by incomparable saxophonist, Randy Corinthian. The book, based on the life experiences of Dr Sue’s mother Lineth, was contextualized by the characteristics of humility, intentionality and preparedness (HIP).

Dr Sue explained that the pre-selected panelists were individuals who, in her eyes, exemplified at least one of the previously mentioned characteristics.

Living a Hip Life - The Book Launch of Book Launches

Wayne Messam, Mayor of the City of Miramar in South Florida, shared on humility.  The son of a sugarcane cutter from Jamaica, he spoke of his humble beginnings growing up in Florida, and the principles he was taught, which he still holds dear and which contribute to who he is to today.  Humility he says is “about finding your purpose in life…doing it well, knowing we’re only instruments…inspiring people, giving people hope and not putting ourselves above our mission.”

Award-winning Journalist and Life Coach, Sherry Ann Dixon from the UK, spoke on intentionality.  Reading an excerpt from the book she spoke to how much her life paralleled  that of Lineth’s.  She posited that her growth and international experiences over the years, both professionally and personally, were all based on intentional decisions that were fearlessly followed through.

As viewers were absorbing the nuggets of wisdom shared, they were treated to selections of Mento and Ska music, by the exceptional violinist – Son(s) of Mystro.

Serendipitously, Owen Blakka Ellis, educator and comedian who shares a birth date with Lineth, spoke on being prepared.  Explaining that preparedness in his estimation is the most powerful of the three elements. He explained that no matter how humble you are, no matter how intentional you are, you have to be prepared to utilize those characteristics for them to be of value.  He concluded that ultimately as a people, with Faith in God, we must come to the realization that we simply ‘live our lives preparing to die.’

The evening was wrapped up by the intelligent, effervescent Jahné King, teacher and editor, who eloquently spoke to and read excerpts from the epilogue which she wrote.  She shared that “sometimes it’s hard to be humble when social media culture is used to validate who we are.  It seems the only thing we’re intentional about doing is filtering out life’s struggles and showing our highlight reel. As a Millennial, I was blessed to be that bridge between the super traditional lifestyle and contemporary living, but with that bridge comes so much confusion and fear. Working through this book helped to bring clarity.”

In the words of one of the viewers:

The new normal” now reflects our current environment of traversing through daily routines amid a coronavirus pandemic.  It has spawned a wealth of creatively protective alternatives to once typical communal activities.  Funerals attended via YouTube.  Yoga instruction by way of Facebook.  Book club meetings on Zoom.  On July 19, 2020, the latter two introduced the world to Living a HIP Life and proved to be a delightfully clever idea.  

Through those media, author Susan “Dr. Sue” Davis and several presenters seamlessly guided a virtual audience through her heartfelt motivations for penning this tome of practical and spiritual means for coping with life’s pleasures and ills.  Besides the author, her panel of presenters enlivened the soul and spirit of her late mother, the inspiration for the book.  Their reflections of supporting the evolution of HIP Life, and their long and varied relationships with author-teacher-businesswoman-humanitarian Dr. Sue, flavored here and there by live musicians entertaining with melodic, soothing and rhythmic music, perfectly bridged the psychological worlds of Jamaica – the setting that bred the wisdom Hip Life shares – and America, enabling a deep appreciation of a mother’s journey that produced gifts not only for her daughter but to us as well. —    Stuart W. Doyle, Orlando, Fla.

Living a HIP Life – The Story of a Mother as told by a Daughter ($16.95)

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