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The Rat Bat crew is taking over my house in Jamaica I am paying for?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I am an elderly woman, and am paying money to NHT for mortgage a low income house. Because I moved to and am living in the US, I gave a young lady permission to move in. I went to Jamaica only to see her brother there and she calls some fellows on me. They claimed they were from the Rat Bat crew and threatened me. I left.

I paid monies for mortgage as recent as January, and this girl gave me copies of papers that she is part-owner on the house. A lawyer signed some of these documents that she gave me.

Is this for real?

Miriam Swaby

RESPONSE: Dear Miss Miriam,

You need to contact the National Housing Trust (NHT) and check what is happening with your account. The documents you given need to be shown to an attorney or the NHT staff. Try speaking wit a supervisor or an attorney at NHT.

If you need our assistance, please contact us by phone or email immediately.

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