The transfer for title was void, can the Legal Council get my money from the lawyer

I paid huge sums for a property that I am interested in buying. I paid more than the deposit required, to the attorney of the landowners, because they did not have the money to do anything and needed to clear estate duty for several properties. After the landowner’s attorney lodged the transfer at the titles office, he sent my attorney and I a document that the transfer was rejected. I have been trying to get my monies returned to me as nobody in Jamaica seems to know how to get this title really transferred to me. Can you  advise me on how to contact the General Legal Council to report both that attorney who was acting for both the landowners and myself, and, also the attorney who claimed he was representing me. If its also possible I’d love you to find out the status on the transfer if anything really was done.



RESPONSE: Dear Sanchez,

To report any attorney you need to contact the Jamaica bar Association. However, what you have said so far is that you sent monies to the landowner’s attorney because the landowner had no money. You have not explained how he was working for you, and so you need to outline this in a letter to them. 

Before you make complaint against your attorney, you should speak further with him and ask him to explain in details what the challenges are, and if he can sort the out.

What you need to get checked is who really had the authority to sell the land. If there was a title and the listed owner died for example, there might be issues regarding who is entitled to sell it. There also might be other issues such as if a caveat was lodged against the property.

These are some of the matters that can be checked for you by members of the Legal Wiz network. If you need to speak further to someone in person and you are in the United States, we can arrange our representative to speak with you.


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