The World’s Finest – Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee: Jamaican Book Review

About the Book
Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is known the world over as one of the most distinguished and delicious coffees. Brimming with a robust aroma and delicate flavour, this coffee is a globally protected certification mark, so that only coffee certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica can be labeled Jamaica Blue Mountain®. Named for the region in which it is grown, coffee from Jamaica Blue Mountain range, rising to over 7,000 feet above sea level, is the result of the perfect combination of terrain, altitude, soil and rainfall.
 In The World’s Finest, author Norma Benghiat traces the early history of coffee and its journey to the Caribbean. The growing and harvesting techniques are covered, as are the plantation houses unique to the island home of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee. Filled with specially commissioned lavish images depicting the history of coffee and the coffee making process in Jamaica, and sumptuous photographs of coffee drinks, deserts and even main courses, you will be inspired to seek out this brew to confirm for yourself that it is indeed the world’s finest.

Norma Benghiat is the author of Traditional Jamaican Cookery (Penguin, 1985). With an ownership stake in a coffee estate in the Blue Mountains, she is more than qualified to present The World’s Finest. 

The World’s Finest is unique, elegant and beautifully designed. It is the first book of its kind that not only traces the history of coffee in Jamaica and the Caribbean, but also details the process of creating a cup of coffee that many around the world has described as distinguished, delicious, robust and elegant, the Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee. From cover to cover you are given a ‘taste’ of what makes Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee so special with images depicting the coffee making process and of over 90 coffee recipes that food lovers will delight in; even the novice chef has at his finger tips the possibility of recreating these scrumptious deserts.

Norma Benghiat’s has created a book that will not only be loved by coffee connoisseurs, but by persons who are just interested in the things that make Jamaica, Jamaica. The World’s Finest is truly a superb coffee table book that no Jamaican home or abroad should be without. – Lisa Dunkley, New York

About the Author
Norma Benghiat is a food historian with degrees in Social Work and Hotel Management. She owns a small part of the old blue mountain coffee estate, Middleton in Jamaica, formerly owned by Duke of Buckingham and Chandos in the 19th century. She is currently a small coffee farmer on that estate.
She has spent a month in Paris at “La Varenne de Paris” learning the art of French pastry, and a week’s apprenticeship at Fouchon’s “La Laboratoire de la Parisserie” in Paris.
In 1973, she published the Coal Pot series or recipe postcards, and later produced the highly research book Traditional Jamaican Cookery (Penguin, 1985).
Norma Benghiat resides in Jamaica.

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