6 Things to See in Aruba

6 Things to See in Aruba

Aruba offers numerous attractions and activities for visitors looking for adventure or for relaxation alike. These include scuba diving, shopping, or taking in the natural wonders of the island. Below is a list of the top seven places to see and things to do on a visit to Aruba.

1. Visit “Low Rise” and “High Rise” Areas
Eagle Beach is known as a “Low-Rise area” because its hotels and timeshare accommodations are built low to the ground. It is one of the best beaches in Aruba and a great place to spend the day. For those looking for fewer jet skis and water-boarders, a visit to the “High-Rise” area of Palm Beach is the best choice. Here travelers are impressed with waters that are clear and blue, and sand that is soft and white. Palm Beach has some of the best casinos on the island

2. Take Time to See the Donkey Sanctuary
For those who are not afraid to confront masses of “cuteness,” the Donkey Sanctuary is the place to be. The sanctuary is committed to saving the island’s donkeys and to educating locals and the general public about how to care for them. Donkeys were once the chief means of transportation on the island, but now may be sick or injured. That’s where the sanctuary comes in, providing care for these sweet and docile animals in a great location only eight miles from Eagle Beach. Visitors can buy treats or bring their own apples or carrots to share with the donkeys. Tours of the facilities are available, and there is a gift shop.

3. Arikok National Park
Among the wildlife waiting to be seen in this nature park are the Aruban rattlesnake, parakeets, and whiptail lizards. Along with these, visitors get the chance to watch iguanas, goats, donkeys, and migrating birds. This site is extremely popular with tourists and is worth a day’s visit. Along with animal-watching, there are caves to explore and sand dunes and limestone cliffs to take in. Many visitors choose to 4-wheel through the park, but hiking is also available in spots.

4. Enjoy Interacting with Ostriches at the Aruba Ostrich Farm
Another great place for animal lovers, the ostrich farm offers up-close views of this large bird and its huge eggs. There are many amazing facts and trivia to learn about these interesting birds, and the farm relishes its opportunity to educate the public about ostrich lives and habits. A special treat for visitors is the opportunity to feed the giant birds.

5. Do Some Hiking at the Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations
For travelers who are looking for something other than beaches, shopping, and diving, this attraction is a must-see. The region features clusters of boulders and hiking trails that offer interesting views of a part of Aruba not generally known. The rock formations are many and varied, and visitors can climb up to get great views of the entire island. The area is free to visit at any time, but early morning hikes are recommended to beat the Caribbean heat later in the day. A good way to avoid curies-ship crowds.

6. Visit the California Lighthouse
Why is this named “California?” The lighthouse is named for a British steamship that was wrecked off the coast here in 1861. This is one of the most popular places to visit in Aruba as the view from the top of the lighthouse, which was built around 1910, is one of the best anywhere and also very romantic. The best time to visit is at sunset when the views of Palm Beach and the high-rise hotels are spectacular.

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