This week on People Profile: The 2016 People Profile Awards Committee.


This week on People Profile: The 2016 People Profile Awards Committee.
Rewarding people within a group or more specifically, in a particular demographics is incredibly important. While times are challenging, rewarding people and their contributions to the community can be the easiest way to boost morale and therefore help achieve those all important annual goals and objectives, which ultimately will see growth in the socio-political and economic well being of any given class of people.

The 2016 People Profile Awards Committee includes people from different backgrounds and skill set. They have the energy, motivation, and talent base that will definitely add value to this prestigious awards initiative.

In addition to recognizing ordinary people doing extraordinary things, the awards will also provide much needed financial assistance in other areas. Charitable organizations including the Opal Davis Lunch Program , and The Coalition Of Alumni Association of South Florida will be some of the-benefactor of this awards ceremony.

The committee members include:
Judith Cunningham​
Andrea Fandangles Hall​
Jannice Davis​
Claudine Forrester​
Sharon Jones​
Sophia Hendricks

Chester Bishop​
Richard Hugh Blackford​
Sonjahtu Martin​
Xavier Murphy​
Allan Cunningham


Your support and assistance are appreciated.

Please join the group:

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