Three Things You Did Not Know About Frassman

Known as one of the largest International Music Festivals in North America, the Best of the Best Concert brings artists from all over the Caribbean to Miami, Florida. This year we headed to the concert to sing, dance and catch up with a few of our favorite artists. Here are three things you did not know about Frassman.

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world, other than Jamaica, where would you live and why?
    Well I’m actually living in two places right now. I’m living in the US and Jamaica. I mean the reason I love the US is once you live in the US you know you can adapt to anywhere else in the world. You know what I mean. And once you’re from Jamaica, you can live anywhere in the world. So, America and Jamaica are great.
  1. If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three records would you bring and why?
    I would bring Buju Banton’s Close One Yesterday. And, definitely, one of my favorite songs that’s not even out yet: I’m a survivor, we are survivors. You know what I mean. And, definitely a Bob Marley song for my mother, the kids, and family. Tell them not to cry. No Woman No Cry. You know what I mean.
  1. When you were ten, what was your hobby?
    When I was ten I was playing football, and making music so music is an inborn thing. I’ll always be doing music. Always from the get go.

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