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The Top 11 Cutty Ranks Songs

Philip Thomas is better known to his fans as Cutty Ranks. The dancehall musician and singer was born February 12, 1965, in Clarendon Parish, Jamaica. An early starter, Ranks launched his musical career at the age of 11 by working with local groups. His first job out of school was as a butcher. As his skill grew, he moved on to work with companies that included Arrows and Metro Media, Rebel Tone and Papa Roots, and Stereo Mars. He worked with Early B., Super Cat and Little Twitch when he joined Killamanjaro. He grew his circle of contacts when he joined Sturmars, working with Josey Wales, Yami Bolo and Nicodemus. In 1986, he debuted with the single, “Gunman Lyrics,” and worked in Miami, Florida on Patrick Roberts’ label, Shocking Vibes, along with Donovan Germain’s Penthouse label, during which time Ranks released the hit “Pon Mi Nozzle.”

The London-based Fashion Records took notice of Ranks and signed him. Following albums were released on Priority Records and he began exploring dancehall and hip hop. Ranks took a more cultural approach to dancehall, deeming the existing tone too vulgar and slack. The musician founded his own Philip Music label through which he releases his music. He released his “Full Blast” album in 2012, highlighted by appearances by Gwen Guthrie, Beres Hammond, and Luciano. Ranks’ vocals were prominently featured on El Chombo’s song “Dame Tu Cosita” that was first released in 1997. A prolific musician from 1991 to 2012, Ranks released eight albums, one compilation, four collaboration/split albums, and 99 singles.

1. A Who She Ne Dun

2. The Stopper

3. Limb By Limb

4. HitMan

5. Rude Boy Number

6. Money House

7. Pon Mi Nozzle

8. Original Rude Boy Style

9. Leave People Man

10. The Bomber

Honorable Mention:

11. Lambada

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