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Top 12 Jamaican festival songs in the past 51 years

Toots and the Maytals

Jamaican festival songs can take many forms, from call to action, a celebration of Jamaica’s achievements, Jamaican culture, Jamaican food, and current events.  Going through the list of songs and narrowing it down to 12 was a challenge for our editorial team. On this list, you’ll find songs that we believe have a strong message celebrating Jamaica’s Independence.  So here is our list top 12 Jamaican festival songs about our beautiful country…Jamaica.

1966 – The Maytals with “Bam Bam”

1974 – Tinga Stewart with “Play de Music”

1977 – Eric Donaldson with “Sweet Jamaica”

1978 – Eric Donaldson with “Land of my Birth”

1981 – Tinga Stewart with “Nuh Wey Nuh Betta Dan Yard”

1983 – Ras Karbi with “Jamaica I’ll Never Leave You”

1984 – Eric Donaldson with “Proud to be Jamaican”

1988 – Singer Jay with “Jamaica Land We Love”

1992 – Heather Grant with “Mek wi Put Things Right”

2009 – Winston Hussey with “Take Back Jamaica”

2010 – Kharuso with “My Jamaica”

2011 – Pessoa with “O If We (Can Change The World)”

Top 12 Jamaican festival songs


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