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Top 12 Jamaican festival songs in the past 51 years

Toots and the Maytals

Jamaican festival songs can take many forms, from call to actions, celebration of Jamaica’s achievements, Jamaican culture, Jamaican food and current events.  Going through the list of songs and narrowing it down to 12 was a challenge for our editorial team. On this list, you’ll find songs that we believe have a strong message celebrating Jamaica’s Independence.  So here is our list  top 12 Jamaican festival songs about our beautiful country…Jamaica.


1966 – The Maytals with “Bam Bam”

1974 – Tinga Stewart with “Play de Music”

1977 – Eric Donaldson with “Sweet Jamaica”

1978 – Eric Donaldson with “Land of my Birth”

1981 – Tinga Stewart with “Nuh Wey Nuh Betta Dan Yard”

1983 – Ras Karbi with “Jamaica I’ll Never Leave You”

1984 – Eric Donaldson with “Proud to be Jamaican”

1988 – Singer Jay with “Jamaica Land We Love”

1992 – Heather Grant with “Mek wi Put Things Right”

2009 – Winston Hussey with “Take Back Jamaica”

2010 – Kharuso with “My Jamaica”

2011 – Pessoa with “O If We (Can Change The World)”

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