Top Ten Jamaican Celebrity Quotes of the Week: "Who Said What?"

“I am not homophobic” Do you know which Jamaican Celebrity said that this week? See our top ten great quote from Jamaican celebrities and find out!

“I am not homophobic” – Queen Ifrica, responding to criticisms that she is homophobic stemming from her comments made at the annual Jamaica Grand Gala,

“Surgery done! Now headed back to NYC to watch #GlamandGold with my honey! @Wetv – Sanya Richards-Ross, commenting on her surgery on her injured leg (Instagram: @SanyaRichiRoss)

“If someone told me that in the future I will be in Uganda giving books and supplies to school kids I’d laugh at you lol. #touchlives #musicforlife” – Konshens, on his visit to Uganda where he gave out 30 boxes and 2 barrels of books and supplies, (Instagram: @konshensojah)

“#reggae #music is all about spreading the love of #people, #good over evil and #life over death” – Richie Spec, take on the power of reggae music (Facebook)

“jus saw this artwork from Kathi Grabner and give thanks. how it look?” – Capleton, on this artwork from a fan (How does it look to you? Comment below) (Facebook)

“When people get rile up and start talk away, just stay calm, still smile up, but walk away. It takes two to quarrel, yu haffi accept an invitation to join a fight,and sometimes wi siddung pon wi responsibility cause wi tink we a stand up fi we right… war too ugly yah, a better people just gwaan laugh, love and live good” – Ity and Fancy Cat, their remedy to a difficult situation (Facebook)

“Happy birthday lil bro @usainbolt love you full joy you day” – Aleen Bailey, wishing Usain Bolt a Happy Birthday (Instagram: @aleenbabe)

“Big up Usain on his Earthstrong #runroad #Aidonia #JOP BOLTTT ACTIONNN!!! mad ting inuh! – Aidonia wishing Usain Bolt a Happy Earth Strong (birthday), (Facebook)

“The NY boat ride was a blessing. This is Malachi and I at the Christlike boat ride on August 17th..” – DJ Nicholas, and his daughter at the NY Christlike boat ride, (Facebook)

“Bless up to my fans every time. Happiness to my enemies same way #unruly all day every day.” – Popcaan, ‘bigging’ up his fans and ‘enemies’, (Twitter: @PopcaanMusic)