All now me cyaa stop feel the pain

    The Gargamel get lock up fi cocaine

    The driver him neva stop at all

    ‘Til him reach way behind the prison wall

    The Feds say that them did catch him in action

    Negotiating a narcotics transaction

    Them use surveillance tape and bug

    And catch him a touch and taste the drug

    Some say a set up, and him should should know better than that

    And that he is the victim of an elaborate plot

    Because he has been targeted and vilified by the gays

    Who want to sabotage him from in the Boom Bye Bye days

    Now one of reggae and dancehall’s brightest stars

    Is languishing behind steel bars

    And as we nervously await his fate

    His music we greatly appreciate

    “Love mi browning” did mek we dance and laugh

    The masterpiece “‘Til Shiloh” did mad and sell off

    “Who say” with Beres did mash up the place

    “Psalm 23” him did sing with grace

    Yes the man is truly iconic

    But in a twist of fate that is indeed ironic

    Him tell driver fi go a Alba Mall

    And now an alleged drug deal could cause his downfall