Tracing His Foot Prints to Montego Bay: Jamaican Book Review

About the Book
Each of us has been given a talent and a date with destiny. God has carried us to a point of reference in our lives, gently placing us down and giving us our space. But now and then His still small voice whispers, “This is the way—walk ye in it.” In Errol Myers’ Tracing His Foot Prints to Montego Bay, four Caribbean natives, two from Jamaica, one from Haiti and Panama, who are also university students—Peter, Magan Zoya, and Wendy, —are placed on the paradise island of Jamaica. Their only caution is to give God the glory and testify of His goodness. Watch as their testimony bears fruit and changes lives, leaving a tangible mark on all whom they touch.

“The reader will understand that the Novel is not only about the Religious life of these individuals, but includes living the Jamaican dream as in having a good education, a lovely home, the latest model car, a good job, and a healthy family, having all the privileges in gaining access to Jamaica’s most exclusive Tourist Spots and Caribbean hopping but [means nothing] without a committed relationship with God,” says Myers. “[They will know] that at the end of life’s journey only what we do for Christ will last.”

Myers’ novel, could be one of the best coming out of the Caribbean, and should make all Caribbean Nationals and its readers proud. It encourages and portrays friendships among the Islanders and challenges his readers to come to Jamaica and trace the breathtaking and unique path traveled by these characters. The book at the same time raises hard-hitting questions about the Sabbath that challenges readers about their belief system. A wonderfully written book which would make a great gift coming from the Caribbean and Jamaica.


Pastor Lawerence Mason
I have the privilege of reading the pre-released copy while in its Editing stage and I saw during that  delicate process, the overview and direction the Author Errol Myers was taking. This final edition has turned out to be a beautifully written book, truly inspired and well researched. I have never been to Jamaica, but after reading this book, it’s like I had just spent some time on the Island amongst God’s people.

H. Davey
Jamaica, this is the Book of the Millennium we have been waiting for, especially Young Caribbean and Jamaican Nationals abroad; showcasing Jamaica as never seen before. I would not be surprised if the Ministry Of Education included this Book into its School Curriculum as a must read book. It’s a breath of fresh air for the inquiring mind. Thanks Errol Myers.

Jennelle Yearwood
I am from Trinidad, have never been to Jamaica but after reading this book, “Tracing His Foot Prints To Montego Bay”, my next vacation will be Montego Bay. The Jamaica Tourist Board has struck a Gold Mine. Errol Myers Have masterfully laid out his case, so much that I want to experience riding down the Blue Mountain, Visiting St. Elizabeth,and Mandeville, Visiting the Campuses of The University of The West Indies Mona Campus, The University Of Technology, and Northern Caribbean University. Jamaica You are fortunate to have this Book, It has given me lots of Ideas; especially on the Sabbath Issue.


About the Author
Errol Myers was born in John’s Hall Maidstone Manchester. He attended Christiana Junior and  Secondary School, Holmwood Technical High and (C.A.S.T) University of Technology. Errol Myers Worked for a short time at The Cigarette Company Of Jamaica  Limited before he migrated to the U.S.A, where he worked in the Engineering Department as a Supervisor of Quality Control & Source Inspector for two main Air Craft Manufacturing Sub – Contractors. His first book “Tracing His foot prints to Montego Bay”., was written out of pure love for his Country Jamaica, and its people, especially the younger generations challenging them that life in Jamaica is more than Sunshine and beach and the Jamaican Dream.


Where to Buy the Book
For more information, visit the Tracing His Foot Prints to Montego Bay website.