Union of Jamaican Alumni Association Report on Schools to Diaspora Alumni

The Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (USA) Inc. (UJAA) is committed to the development of educational opportunities in Jamaica through its 45 alumni association members. The organization has met in Queens, New York, to host the National Education Inspectorate (NEI). The NEI was introduced in 2008 as a national education quality assurance agency, which operates independently of the Ministry of Education in Jamaica. Leaders of the UJAA believe the group has the conviction, passion, and means to make a difference in educational quality on the island.. The UJAA invited the NEI to report to alumni organizations concerning areas of need and weaknesses so that they may respond accordingly. Lesleyann Samuel, president of the UJAA, believes that engaging alumni associations in the Diaspora with the NEI makes sense and hopes that introducing both groups will result in producing positive changes in Jamaica. Three members of the NEI will meet for one-on-one discussions with members of the alumni associations to review the latest reports on their respective schools.