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US Court Order rules for house sale, but my ex is now in Jamaica fighting

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I saw a couple of articles on and am asking you to assist me too. The US Court ordered in divorce proceedings that the Jamaica house and land, jointly owned by my ex-husband and I, must be sold. My ex-husband had a specific period to make repairs to the house, and failing that, according to the Court Order, he will only be entitled to a small sum, and upon payment by me, that the title be transferred into my name only. That period for the ex-husband has expired for some years now. My ex-husband who did not ask for an extension, is now in Jamaica, trying to do those repairs before the house is sold. My US attorney has asked him for the return of the title, I gave him written permission to retrieve while he was in Jamaica early this year. How do I stop him from doing anything further in Jamaica?

Many thanks.

RESPONSE: Dear Beatrice

You can lodge a caveat at the titles office, as well as you can take action through the Supreme Court using the Court Order from the US Court as support. For more information on forms and procedures on caveats please visit the relating link at the National Land Agency website at

To get further assistance or to secure an attorney in Jamaica, please write again.

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