USA Today features Jamaican Patty in story on Caribbean Fast Food

Jamaican Patty Featured in USA Today

Focused on travel and fast food, an article in USA Today provides an overview of some of the best places to stop along the road while visiting Caribbean locations. For Jamaica, the author highlights the pleasures of that island staple: the Jamaican patty. The patty offers a choice of beef, chicken and beef and cheese, with those looking for a traditional meal opting for the beef patty. Described as a hot pocket pastry filled with curried beef, scotch bonnet peppers and onions, the patty is the perfect food for those on-the-go because it is easy to eat, hot and “ultra-delicious.” For a complete Jamaican experience, the author recommends ordering a slice of coco bread made with coconut milk, with the patty. Originally, the bread was meant to wrap around the patty, and while that sounds strange, it all works. Some of the places to eat Jamaican patties include Juici Patties and Tasti Patties, both of which have locations all over the island. Other fast-food options include the Island Grill, where diners can feast on jerk pork, chicken and fish, and try local fare like plantains, festival, or “rolla,” a burrito-like meal filled with stew peas. Some drinks to go with the fast-food options in Jamaica are regular Ting and Pink Ting, both of which have a tart taste like grapefruit.

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