Usain Bolt Wins! Good Triumphs over Evil by a Split Second

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt retained his title as world champion in the 100-meters at the World Athletic Champions in Beijing, China in a race widely characterized as “good versus

evil.” Bolt, known as the world’s fastest man, defeated Justin Gatlin of the United States, who was called the fastest man in the world for 2015, by 0.01 seconds with a time of 9.29 seconds. Bolt, who has never had a positive drug test, is now seen as the “savior” in a sport dogged by doping scandals and allegations. For his part, Gatlin has received multiple doping suspensions dating back to 2002 and has, for some, become a symbol of a sport that is soft on cheaters. Bolt had struggled to maintain his position in 2015, while Gatlin had won 29 races and had the fastest times for the year. Consequently, when Bolt defeated “bogeyman” Gatlin, who seemed unbeatable, he may have saved his sport along with his reputation. While things can be overdramatized, according to Ed Warner, chairperson of United Kingdom Athletics, the impact Bolt’s victory made on fans in the stadium showed how much everyone really wanted him to win. The common view is that “one man just saved world athletics,” as expressed by Chris Walker-Hebbom, British swimmer.