Jamaicans.com 2006 User Survey


Jamaicans.com 2006 Survey

Jamaicans.com owes it success to you the site visitors and we value your input as we continually try improving the experience of “Out of Many One People Online”. Our last site survey was over 3 years ago.

Take a few minutes to complete the Jamaicans.com 2006 survey below and give us your feedback. We know many of you are regulars to the site and some of you may be new but please answer the question below to the best of your knowledge or from what you can remember. We need the answers by the end of this month (Jan. 2006).

We are also going to randomly select a respondent for a FREE JAMAICANS.COM T-SHIRT at the end of the month (Jan. 2006) when the survey ends. Please complete as many questions as you can as we need you assistance as we get ready to improve the Jamaicans.com website.



How did you find the site? (Search engine, referral etc)

When you original searched for a site on Jamaica what was your original goal? (First time you came online)

When you first came to Jamaicans.com what was your main goal?

Did Jamaicans.com fill you main goal or do you have to use a combination of site to do this? If you use a combination of site to meet your goals please list them.

What is the main reason (s) you come back? If you have reasons please list them by importance. Examples: Recipes, Discussion/Post on the forums, Read the monthly articles, Get Travel information, Link to the daily news from our News Page.

Please tell us by order of importance what activities do perform on the Jamaicans.com?

What information/section/forum you would like to see added to the site?

What are the things you do repeatedly on Jamaicans.com? Please list in order of importance to you.

What helps or hinders the things you do repeatedly?

Is the site presentation attractive? If yes, please state the features you like best. If no, please state what you want to see changes to? (Navigation, colors, font size)

Do you like the colors on the site? If no please make suggestions on color schemes

Do pages load quickly enough?

Other than the forums, which section do you visit most?

Is the purpose of the Jamaicans.com site clear?

What audience do you think the Jamaicans.com website addresses?

Is the site useful and relevant to you? If you answer is no, why?

Is the site Jamaicans.com interesting and engaging?

Is textual information clear, grammatically correct, and easy to read?

Do you have a clear idea of what the Jamaicans.com site contains?

Is the information organized in a way that users will expect and understand?

What do you think is the most important feature of the site and do you think it is easy find when you enter from the main page?

Do you always know where you are, and how to get where you want to go when you browse Jamaicans.com?

What key features your think is missing from Jamaicans.com?

What other Jamaican sites do you visit?

Other than Jamaicans.com what is your favorite Jamaicans website and why do you like it?

What is your favorite non-Jamaican/Caribbean website?

Do you have any final comments or suggestions to improve Jamaicans.com?