Vacant page

The emptiness like parasites eating at my being, as I glide through the dark grey slush beneath my feet. Trees naked and erect, reaching mercifully towards the heavens. The yearning for oceans of blue , smoky hill-tops, engulf the body that’s no longer mine. Today I’m nothing but a ghost, a lost soul among the inhabitation of the universe. I’m not here, I’ve long being distributed by gushing winds, my soul used to fertilize the maple trees . I no longer live but exist a living organism . I stare in the distant you think I’m crazy cause you cant see what I‘m staring at.

I’m not looking at you
-or through you
I’m just looking ,focused in yonder
dreaming of tomorrow
launching my wishes
desperately searching for my way back home

I ‘m not avoiding you
– or rejecting you
I am just withdrawn,
enshelled….. emotionally frozen.

I’m in a trance
– looking for foot prints, but there no trance
my path long covered in snow
cant seem to find my way back home

I’m on a high
deeply submerged in my own pain
hitting my lowest low
Travelling, yet not moving
Going in circles, Trying to find my way back home

I am in the air
-top and bottomless
aged and without history
existing without identity
just wanna find my way back home