5 Ways Jamaicans Can Pretend It Is Winter In Jamaica If You Don’t Have A Visa

The winter season is in the air and for many people in North America and Europe, it’s time to head to Jamaica where it’s always blissfully warm. However, there are some Jamaicans who would like a taste of winter but don’t have the almighty visa to take a trip to experience the colder climates. If you want the luxury of heading to the beach one minute and experiencing winter the next, here are five ways you can pretend it’s winter in Jamaica.

Eat American apples
American apples are in season this time of year, and the good thing is that they are readily available on supermarket shelves all over Jamaica. Many Jamaicans already have a taste for it so now is as good a time as any to sample the fruits of the season without flying abroad.

Buy an American Christmas tree
Fill your house with the smell of fir trees for a North American themed Christmas. In fact, Christmas decorating in Jamaica is very much US-inspired with Santa themed trinkets, Christmas socks and holiday lights, so it’s fairly easy to create the atmosphere of an American winter from a distance.

Put on boots
We hardly get the type of weather in Jamaica that requires wearing boots but that shouldn’t stop you from being fashionable in the cooler months. Grab your knee-high boots from the closet for a chic winter wear look at the season’s parties.

Head to Blue Mountains
If you really want to feel the winter chill, head on up to the Blue Mountains where the temperature is noticeably lower than the rest of the island. In the winter months, the temperature in the coffee highlands can drop to as low as 13C degrees. Though this hardly compares to the freezing temperatures up north, it is the best place on the island for those craving a taste of winter.

Turn the air up and wear winter clothes
If you really get desperate for the feel of winter and can’t flee to the hills, try the next best thing and turn down the air conditioning. If you’re not worried about electricity bills, lower the AC temperature until you can feel the winter chill in the room and pull on a cozy sweater.