We need the title, but our dad’s name is different on our birth certidficates

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

Recently I, or really my brother and I discovered that my father’s first name as it appeared on our birth certificates, is different from the name on the title left by him. Can we get the title put in our names?

Karen Downie


RESPONSE: Dear Karen Downie,

There are some procedures that you will need to do before you can put in application at the titles office to get the title in your names.

One critical step will be to locate your father’s birth and death certificates. You may need to apply through the Courts to have information on your birth certificates corrected if the names are inconsistent. For this process, you will need persons who can submit declarations to verify your father’s name.

An application for Letters of Administration if there was no will to be probated, is another critical step.

Consultation with an attorney, is advised, especially as there are related fees you need to be aware of.

Legal Wiz