American Couple Transform Wedding into Gift-Giving Celebration for Jamaican Children

Mick and Lindsay Guymon, an American couple, turned their wedding celebration into a gift-giving event for over 150 Jamaican children. The couple said their vows at Riu Montego Bay and asked their 36 guests for gifts of vitamins, clothing, books, toys, iPads, medications, and water purification equipment, which were then given to the Hammersmith Preparatory School in Bounty Hall, Trelawny. The Guymons chose Jamaica because they had noticed during their last visit to the island that the people had so little and yet were very happy. According to Mick Guymon, they had visited other islands but did not see the same kind of friendliness among the people. When the couple sent wedding invitations, they stated that they wanted no gifts and that guests should instead bring something to donate. The Guymons asked about various projects in Jamaica that they could help with, and the weddings department at their hotel recommended Hammersmith School.