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Weddings in Jamaica

Wedding and Jamaica are synonymous, not many people know this but Jamaica is ranked among the top 5 destinations worldwide, consistently for Weddings and Honeymoons.

Its also rated among the top destinations for a romantic get-away. Couples Love Jamaica. Only Tahiti, Hawaii, and St Lucia come anywhere close.

The resort town of Ocho Rios is most popular for weddings, but all resort towns including the capital city of Kingston (who has a spotted image) also do great wedding plans

The fact that a marriage officer is affiliated with most hotels is a sign that we do them quite frequently.

A traditional Jamaican wedding means ceremony, reception, Train Bridal Gown, 12 member Wedding party, with ring bearer, and flower girl, families and friends on both side and an audience over a hundred.

The reception area must be decorated, and there must be at least a Big 4-6 layer rum-fruit-cake with a fountain, and bridge.

The menu must have at least three meats, including Curry Goat, there should be appetizers such as Manish water-Goat Head soup.

Off course videographer, photographer, and MC are usually provided.

Packages are offered by most, if not all, Resorts. For sure, any 4 or 5 star hotel has this, and there are boutique hotels that do an even better job at this than most.

I will not mention any specifically for fear of advertising.

Having your wedding in Jamaica (outside of airfares for guests) is usually less expensive than having it in the US, Canada or England.

In fact all the amenities that you would get in any US city are available. Tuxedo rental, Bridal gown rental, Floral arrangers, Wedding Planning, Limousine, Caterers, Banquet hall, Church hall, elegant indoor and outdoor Receptions, with natural cascading waterfalls or sunsets, beach scenery, or hills looking down on the plains as a backdrop.

The reception and catering facilities/services can cost you on average $500- $1500 U.S. per 100 people for first class ceremony.

Video-Photo would be separate, as well as the rental of evening wear, floral arrangements, transportation and marriage license fees that could run you another $500 – $1000- U.S.

But then this is really for premium service. If the wedding is held at a major resort Sandals, super clubs, Wyndham, Sunset Beach, it is usually cheaper as they package your wedding around the amount of days and persons who will be staying at the resort.

I am sure others have more they would love to say. I wish you all the best as you seek to make your romantic/spiritual bond official.

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