Weed Destination Wedding in Jamaica – Photos

Recent legalization of marijuana use in Jamaica has fostered a new theme for destination weddings: weed. Already a popular choice for weddings, the addition of marijuana to the entertainment mix is proving a strong attraction. Wedding planners and vendors incorporate various marijuana-related items to the event design, including a use of the plant in the wedding bouquet and boutonniere, potted pot plants in the venue, a ganja rolling station, pipes, and a marijuana cake. The weed aesthetic adds to the island’s exotic landscape and spectacular views, which have long been features making Jamaica a top spot for wedding parties. The boom in weed-themed weddings only began when the government decriminalized the use of marijuana. Here are photos from a weed wedding by Wedding Planner  Jennifer Borgh.  The wedding included a touch of Marijuana in the Bouquet, Boutonniere, potted plants, cake, pipes and even a Ganja Rolling Station.

Wedding Venue: Borghinvilla
Wedding Planner: Jennifer Borgh Events
Photographer: Manuela Stefan
Make up: Gourmet Girl- Anna
Décor: Borghinvilla Designs
Cake: Joy of Food
hair wigs: Niawigs
Steam Chalice: Ital Vapor Steam Chalice