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Who are you and where is my Jamaica?

On Monday February 20, 2006, as I sat in my school library performing my usual ritual of reading the Sunday gleaner and a very interesting caption caught my attention. It read “Gays want a say too” . As I read the article I was surprisingly angry. Is it just me, or is Jamaica taking the American principle of “freedom of expression” a bit too far? The article made reference to homosexuality and the law stating homosexuality is not illegal in Jamaica; it is buggery that is criminal. Buggery is described as anal intercourse with any human being or beast. This act can carry a sentence of up to ten years in prison with hard labour.

I don’t know if I’m dumber than the average person but isn’t homosexuality and buggery basically the same thing? How do homosexuals have sex? Do I really need to answer that? I would, but the mere thought is
just too disgusting to fathom. In the article Mr. Garth Williams co-chairman of J-Flag seemed upset by the idea that homosexuals are being singled out. Well at the risk of sounding ignorant I will simply say this: homosexuality in my opinion is no more right than a man murdering an innocent person, or a child being raped and killed, they are all crimes in my eyes and should be punishable by law. The death sentence is too
nice a punishment for them.

On the next page I saw a letter entitled “Gay mans plea” by a 28 yr old self proclaimed Christian who says that he is gay and proud. Well answer me this Mr. “Gay and Proud” , what exactly is your plea? Are u really asking your fellow Jamaican citizens to speak on behalf of your repulsive principles? Well I say never, I will never try
or even want to understand why you chose homosexuality as your way of life but hell would have to freeze over before I say a word on your behalf.

You asked us to fight for you as Jesus would, well listen up and listen good. I am no Jesus! I must say that you are a brave man to actually put your name in the gleaner but lets hope that doesn’t bode badly for you. You say that you are human, that you are Jamaican but I strongly disagree with that and so I have only one question to ask you. Who are you and where is my Jamaica?

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