White House Honors Members of the Jamaican American International Chamber of Commerce

In the Presidential Award ceremony held by the White House Prayer For Our Nation, seven distinguished members of the Atlanta based, Jamaican American International Chamber of Commerce (JAICC), were honored with the Presidential Award. The Jamaican American International Chamber of Commerce (JAICC) is an organization committed to the promotion, advancement, and facilitation of success for minority business owners in Georgia, Jamaica, and internationally. This accolade, presented during the event led by Rev. Dr. Terry Lee and Dr. Joyce Lee, recognized the individuals’ exceptional service in fostering Jamaican-American business relations. The ceremony, a beacon of collaboration and mutual growth, took place in Washington, D.C., celebrating the honorees’ commitment to enhancing economic and cultural ties.

Award-Winning Impact

The Presidential Award was bestowed upon Craig Gentles, Nicole M Palmer, Fitzroy Charger Johnson, and Phillip Campbell for their noteworthy contributions to the Jamaican-American business community. Their efforts embody the core values of the JAICC. With a focus on metro Atlanta’s business community, JAICC provides a wealth of opportunities for inclusive growth, collaborating with local, regional, and international partners to drive economic and community development initiatives. Charmaine Burke, Pastor Jenifer Morris, and Alderene Foote, share the honor for their influential work within the chamber.

A Celebratory Affirmation

The recognition from the organization affirms the pivotal role that the JAICC plays in promoting Jamaican business interests within the United States. The awards ceremony was more than a formality; it was a celebration of the tangible impacts these community leaders have on strengthening business ties and cultural understanding. As their achievements are spotlighted, the members of the JAICC serve as role models for cross-border cooperation and economic diplomacy.

Community and Beyond

The award is a source of pride not only for the recipients but for the wider Jamaican community. This accolade underscores the positive outcomes that arise from dedication, ingenuity, and the spirit of partnership that the JAICC champions. It’s a testament to their belief that through unity and shared objectives, meaningful progress is achievable.


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