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Debunking "white-skin is superior" propaganda

Lewis Hamilton a man of predominantly African decent, race car drive extraordinaire and English born son of Caribbean immigrants was the subject of racist chanting in Spain recently. He was verbally abused by a partisan crowd who wore monkey-face mask and directed monkey chattering sounds towards him.

The aforementioned racist incident is not unusual. Black football players are also routinely subjected to racist chants both in Britain but more often in other European countries and especially eastern European.

It would appear that white skin people are “believing their own press” when it infer ever so subtly that they are racially superior to black skin people. Formerly in the USA it was unheard of for a Blackman to be appointed a quarterback not to mention presidential hopeful! The lie was perpetuated and imbedded that a person of African decent was incapable of managing such complex tasks. And every so often, a white coach or two will be caught on camera extolling the physical prowess of their black players- whether footballer, soccer player or basketball player. This is also a very subtle form of racism as they invariably neglect to mention their mental acumen as well. What they are really saying is black players are good for physical work but lack mental ability, just like the monkey/ape.

It is apparent, therefore, that it was not only Africans who were imprisoned/ mentally enslaved by chattel slavery but the white man as well. Because even today based on their Freudian slip and actions, they give vent to the notion that they really belief they are a superior race to the Blackman merely because of the colour of their skin. Let me quickly demonstrate the absurdity of this proposition. Have anyone observed lately that the people who have a high degree of melanin originated from the tropics or sub-tropics? In the tropics the sun shines brighter, therefore, because our Creator is all wise and loving, he graciously and lavishly adorned us with enough melanin in order to protect us from ultraviolet radiation and/or maybe our complexion simply changed gradually and got darker as it adjusted to frequent sun exposure over the centuries. It is as simple as that.

Conversely, in northern/temperate regions of the world, where there is much less sunshiny days and therefore more cool/cold weather. Caucasians have less melanin because they simply don’t need that much! By the way, have you notice how much less hairy people who live in the tropics are as compared to those in temperate/northern regions? Well this is because people in the tropics don’t need that much hair. The excess hair that Caucasians possess helps to keep them warm.



Now that we have demystified God’s reason for assigning skin tone (by the way have you ever notice how the original inhabitants of some temperate regions such as the Middle East have a complexion that is neither black nor white? That also has to do with the degree of exposure to sunlight. Skin tone/colour assignment is definitely not rocket science! Therefore it is more than time for white skin people to “move on”. Spewing racial venom in the 14th – 19th century was an acceptable part of the propaganda warfare in order to keep the shackles on but hopefully we have moved on since them. It is therefore fulltime fair skin people stop “believing their own press”.

It is not coincidental that their main reason for asserting superior is based solely on the colour of the most superficial of all organs of the body, that is, the upper epidermis otherwise know as the skin. Their arguments are really superficial indeed! If they had grey skin they might stand a better chance of being convincing because it is a fact that the bran is made up of grey matter! But skin colour?! which is subject to change, without notice, especially from white to pink (as was evident on the imbeciles in southern Africa who perpetuated apartheid). Touche’

People who go about trumpeting their superiority based on skin tone are making a complete fool of themselves and the epitome of stupidity, in my book, is spelt RACISM.

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