Why Travel?

As a child, growing up on the Island of Jamaica W.I., I was intrigued with the tourists who visited our Island and was so fascinated about us as a people, as well as our cuisine, music, beaches and most importantly, our spirit. Our motto then and still is now “No problem man”!

As I grew older, I would travel vicariously through books to places such a Venice, Italy. I saw myself sitting in the gondola traversing the narrow waterway, walking through the mysterious alleyways and the endless mazes of backstreets, or visiting Europe to see the Eifel Tower, “Big Ben” or the changing of the guards. I decided, there and then that when I became an adult, seeing the world would be a MUST for me.

When I became an adult I was faced with life’s challenges (repaying student loans, marriage, children, high cost of living, maintaining a job and family, etc.). In general, life became very stressful. I realized that traveling was not going to be as easy as I purported it to be. I did not give up my dreams of traveling, however. I just knew that one day the opportunity would present itself and I would be waiting to grab it.

My opportunity came when I  became a travel agent. I discovered that as a travel agent, I will be able to fulfill my own dreams of traveling at the same time that I help other people to travel with their families to wonderful worldwide locations, such as Aruba. There one can visit the underground caves and bask in the sun at its wonderful beaches. A person could visit Costa Rica which is now one of the hottest tourist attractions. There one will see the lush jungles, home of playful monkeys, crocodiles, and an assortment of exotic birds, insects and butterflies. A person may enjoy interacting with the wonderful natives while learning a few words of Spanish. This in itself is not only fun but is also educational. It is important for children to learn as much as possible about the rest of the world and to experience other cultures, food and entertainment. The best part of all of this, is that it is not overly expensive, and boy does traveling relieve stress

Being a travel agent, I can now go back to the land of my birth with my family as a tourist, to walk up the water fall at Dunns River, be massaged by a Rastafarian with healing hands, raft on the Rio Grande or just plain sunbathe on the beach. Let me hasten to say, the water is very blue and tranquil, in short one is transported to a place of utmost bliss. Lest I forget, I can also party like there is no tomorrow to reggae and calypso music enjoy the food such as the national dish, ackee and saltfish, as well as jerk chicken and curried goat and drink (Jamaican rum) with new gusto! We also go into the market place to sample fruits and to watch the vendors peddle their wares. We are also afforded the opportunity to visit places like China, Ireland and other Caribbean Islands. We can just about go wherever we choose to go and lodge in the nicest hotels at a fraction of the cost. Needless to say, the best part of traveling is meeting new people, learning new cultures and soaking in different atmospheres.

Traveling does not have to be expensive. With a little creativity, I am able to assemble great deals and steals that will suit one’s budget or desires. Perhaps, you could start by allowing me to book your day trips to different domestic cities, especially those geared for tourism, e.g. Helen Georgia, where their main attraction is tubing and pottery, or Savannah, Georgia that is famous for its older houses which are never demolished but restored, centuries old moss laden oak tree lined streets, as well as the city market and the river front We cannot speak about Savannah without mentioning the fabulous sea food restaurants. Branch further afield to such places as New Orleans (after Katrina) walk down the french quarter to listen and dance to local music, sample culinary delights and colorful imaginative art works while helping in the rebuilding process. Also consider traveling to Washington D.C. to such places as the Smithsonian museum.  There you and your family will be fascinated by prehistoric creatures as well as the American and Indian culture as it was then.

I would encourage everyone who wish to live a stress free life, if only for a moment, to visit other places as well as other countries. Broaden your horizons in this day and age when traveling is affordable take time out to love yourself and your family. Plan early.

Launa Morgan is a Jamaican residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a divorcee and has two grown children. She is co-creator of a Travel Business Agency, The Wolf Morgan Tours, which was established over a year ago. Launa’s business partner is a fellow islander, Trinidadian, Karen Wolfe. Wolf Morgan Tours primarily organizes casino trips and bus tours.  She shares her love for travel in this personalised editorial. Website and Contact Information:
Website: wolfmorganstours.com; E-mail:  [email protected]