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Labour Day Clean-up For World Cup Cricket In Jamaica

I propose that the launch of Labour Day 2006 be positioned as the curtain raiser for communities across the island to start preparing themselves to welcome visitors for World Cup Cricket 2007.

Conceptually, it makes sense to focus national effort on beautifying the country, as Jamaica will be on show to the cricket world and other countries, through the army of press who will be in the island for the festival.

With World Cup Cricket only a year away, it takes time for vegetation to mature and be brought to a presentable state.We want to show Jamaica at its best. Labour Day will signal the official start of a national beautification effort to show our country at its best.

The Prime Minister should be the featured speaker at this launch function. Her speech should be a call for restoring the beauty of Jamaica that has been compromised by irresponsible behaviour towards the environment and a lack of appreciation for the natural beauty of Jamaica.

With effort from communities across the island, that beauty can be restored. It is the beauty of this country that has spawned our tourism.

Beyond World Cup Cricket, careless treatment of Jamaica’s beauty could have negative effects on our economy. Labour Day 2006 should launch a national clean-up and beautification effort that could be given new energy every year, as we remind Jamaicans of our national treasure: our environment.

Ticket sales should not even be a consideration, as there is far more to be gained in years to come if we do this right. The time for unity is now. Come Jamaica, let us do as our athletes have done – show that we are the best.

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A. Guy Morris