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Hi. I’m Xavier.(Xavier pronounced like Xanadu, Xoom or Xerox ) For the many people that cannot pronouce my name I’m X-man. Okay now that we’ve gotton that out of the way let me give you the boring bio in one run-on sentence. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, attended high school at Jamaica College, (are you still here.. have’nt clicked the “back” button yet?), moved to Miami, Florida (45 min. from Jamaica) attended Miami Dade Community College ,transferred and graduated from Florida International University with a degree in Marketing, married with a beautiful wife and 3 daughters, and have worked for various companies doing electronic marketing, graphic design, online publishing and project management. Now here is some more boring stuff about ME……….

FAVORITE FOOD: Curry Goat served with white rice (I am totally biased, I hardly try anything but Jamaican Food)

FAVORITE BEVERAGE: Jamaican Ginger Beer

PERSONAL: Married to a Jamaican Queen and have 3 beautiful Princesses.

INTERESTS: Basketball (Miami Heat), Soccer (The Reggae Boyz), Gospel music, and of course the “Net”


AMBITION: To make the world a smaller place.(You could start singing “We are the world”)

FAVORITE WEB SITES: Cnet , Builders, Browerwatch, Yahoo.

Congrats for getting this far and hopefully you are not sleeping. Now back to my only claim to Internet fame

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