Yesterday’s Price Is Not Today’s – Jamaican Actor Dale Elliott Performs for Sold-Out Crowd at Comedy Debut

Event promoters interested in booking Jamaican social media personality and screen actor Dale Elliott may have to chalk up more funds. The actor who performed to a sold-out crowd of 1,000 spectators in Toronto on 1 May 2023 for the very first time, tweeted this:

A thread of congratulatory replies follow Dale’s tweet.

Yesterday's Price Not Today's - Jamaican Actor Dale Elliott Performs for Sold-Out Crowd at Comedy Debut

Dale’s Journey to Comedy & Acting Stardom

Dale Elliott began his career on social media and found himself on the way to stardom when he was cast in the lead role in “Sprinter,” a feature film by Storm Saulter. The film tells the story of a talented Jamaican track and field athlete who has dreams of leaving Jamaica to see his migrant mother, a story very similar to Elliot’s personal history. The film has won five international film festival awards to date, and Elliott has found his way to a successful career in stand-up comedy.

Dale Elliott made his first TikTok upload in January 2020 in which he talks about what World War III would be like for Jamaicans. He immediately attracted a strong following to his daleelliottjr TikTok account for his videos based on what it is like to be Jamaican in the 21st century.

His social media offerings was also the channel that brought him the attention of film director Storm Saulter with the video called “Elli,” which focused on the differences between Jamaican and American Olympic athletes and showcased his track and field skills. This resulted in his casting in the lead role in “Sprinter.” His work in “Sprinter” brought him a nomination for Best New Actor at the ABFF Film Festival in Florida and a nomination for a Prime Minister Youth Award in 2019.

Raised by His Grandma

Elliott was raised by his two grandmothers in Pembroke Hall and Harbour View in Jamaica. He attended Kingston College where he participated in track and field athletics and represented the school at the prestigious Issa Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Championships. He then pursued a degree in international relations, minoring in management studies, at the University of the West Indies and graduated in 2019.

From Vine to Tik Tok & YouTube

He start vlogging at age 16 while still in high school after he watched videos on Vine to reduce his stress relating to final exams. He decided he could make content that people could relate to and rapidly became popular on the video-sharing platform as “Elli the Viner,” ultimately gaining 11 million Vine streams, and was considered one of the most popular Viners in the Caribbean. He easily transitioned to Instagram and became even more popular locally. His popularity resulted in a contract with STUSH Marketing, an influencer management agency. From there, Elliott created brand-centric content for big companies like FLOW, KFC, Jamaica National, and the Jamaica Environmental Association.

Elliott has found success with his unique take on his everyday experiences as a Jamaican. Much of his comedy focuses on his family, his upbringing with his two very different grandmothers – one very strict, the other, not so much – and his formative years in Jamaica. His very relatable comedic talent has brought him a loyal and growing fanbase, with thousands of followers on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Photo – Official Instagram Page for Dale Elliott Junior