Your Best Look Yet

No, it’s not about the latest style, trendiest brand or a fool proof guide to looking super chic or hip for that matter. This month’s article will be about working with exactly what you have, enjoy.
When images from last year’s Lavin’s Fall 2012 campaign began to show up recently, featuring attractive people who weren’t models, and who were older, it really got me thinking about aging gracefully. At the time it didn’t stay around in my head long enough to properly comprehend and appreciate the scope of the campaign, either that or the skinny pretty models from another brand distracted me (as well as lowered my self-esteem). Well, being in Brussels again recently, kind of reminded me of the ad campaigns – the country is filled with stylish old and beautiful people.

I remember the Oil of Olay commercials when I was a young girl. And I loved the smell of it from older female relatives, when they leaned down to kiss my cheeks, I still remember that smell, actually to this day. They had several ads back then; the only other rival that I could really remember was Mary Kay. My mom had invested in an entire line, and when she wasn’t home I would sneak in her bathroom and put mud mask on my face. I was 10 years old, and she never would have found out… well until now. The company had a tag line something like this, “Some people grow old gracefully, I intend to fight it every step of the way”? I had no idea how loaded that sentence was, until around three years ago. When I realized that I was one of the oldest persons in the club (just kidding). No it was when I saw the appearance of the dreaded LAUGH LINES!!!

I began painfully trying not to smile or laugh genuinely; it was either continuing down this path of… happiness and looking old or being good looking and unnaturally Victoria Beckham-esque. It’s no secret that we live in a world obsessed with youth and beauty. But realistically there’s something to be said for the beauty and wisdom that comes with age. I love grey hair, on men especially, so why can’t I embrace that look on me (or other women in general); The Psychologist in me wants to think that every line and crease on my face is there for a reason, a story, why did it take Lanvin to point that out to me?

However, I do get comments literally every day at how young I look, especially here in Europe. I am still proud to say my age when asked because I know I will get the usual “Sorry, what did you just say?” I often get mistaken for being in my early 20s. Half of it is from genetics (thanks mom and dad), but the other half is those exact same damn lines. It is a catch 24 really; the same lines that “age” me are the same ones that give me that girlie, flirty and sometimes even innocent look. I always say LIVE LIFE LOUD (which ad is that again?), but I also have to add LIVE IT BEAUTIFULLY – what is on the inside will be reflected on the outside. Go ahead, give your face a rest and smile, hey it might save you a face lift in the future.

Lori Quast
Lori hails from Montego Bay, Jamaica and has lived in Virginia, Washington D.C, and New York, but now resides in Düsseldorf, Germany with her German husband Jens. When she isn´t working on her Seed of Style Fashion page, she can be found on her other page Love Crosses Borders. Love Crosses Borders is an international, interracial and intercultural community which focuses on couples and families and singles interested in love across borders. An online dating site focusing mainly on international love is said to be in the works.