YouTuber Annesha Adams’ Top 10 Places to Go in Jamaica

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YouTuber Annesha Adams loves to travel around Jamaica showing you the best places to visit through her vlogs. From Treasure Beach to Negril, Annesha makes you feel as if you’re right there with her experiencing it all.

Her top 10 ten picks of places to visit are:

1- Holland Bamboo also is known as Bamboo Avenue.

Bamboo Avenue

Bamboo Avenue

This is a must-see for every Jamaican. The avenue was established in the 17th century by the owners of the Holland Estate to provide shade for travelers and to protect the road from erosion but it’s a great place to take some cool travel photos. Bamboo Avenue is a two and a half mile stretch of road between Lacovia and Middle Quarters. Lined with giant bamboo plants that tower above the road and cross in the middle to form a shady tunnel. Stop along the roadside for pics and some coconut water.

2. Joy Spence’s Appleton Estate Rum Tour, St. Elizabeth

Appelton Rum

Appleton Rum Estates

Annesha Adams has been to the Appleton Estate Rum Tour many times including the Joy Spence’s Appleton Rum Estate Night Tour with Freddie Mcgregor.

Here is full review of Appleton Estate Rum tour which includes top 5 places to go to in St. Elizabeth

3. Juici Beef, Spalding, Clarendon

There is nothing more Jamaican than patties. Annesha loves to frequent her local Juici Beef patty restaurant in her hometown of Spalding, Clarendon. Even though she loves the patties, her favourite meal on the menu is the fried chicken wings with wedges.

Juici Beef

Juici Beef

4. Y.S. Falls St. Elizabeth

YS Falls

YS Falls

Visiting Y.S. Falls more than just the falls, it’s an experience. They have horseback riding, ziplining and endless places to swim including 3-4 man-made pools as well as the natural pools.

5. Lover’s Leap St. Elizabeth

Lovers Leap

Lover’s Leap

It has the most beautiful views! This beauty spot emerges where the Santa Cruz mountains come to an abrupt end exposing 1,700 ft vertical drop down to waves crashing on Cutlass Bay alone.

The story of Lovers’ leap varies depending on who is telling it but it is said to be named after two slave lovers from the 18th century. The couple fled to avoid being separated but were eventually chased to the edge of a large steep cliff. Rather than face being caught and separated, the pair chose to end their lives by jumping together.

6. Pelican Bar, Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth

Pelican Bar

One mile off the coast of Parottee Bay, there is a hut on stilts in the middle of the Caribbean sea. Built by fisherman Floyd in 2001. Pelican Bar is now considered the coolest bars in the world and definitely should be ticked off the bucket list!

7- Dacre House, St. Ann.

Great House

Dacre House, St. Ann

The lovely secluded property has a long road protected by tall palms. It makes you feel as if you’re in the 1800s on a plantation.

8. Ivy Cove, Whitehouse, Westmoreland.

Ivy Cove Whitehouse Westmoreland

Ivy Cove, Whitehouse, Westmoreland

Annesha loved this luxury villa in Whitehouse, Westmoreland. Fit with all the amenities from kayaking to gourmet chef, Annesha loved walking right out onto the beach to swim with her friends. Whitehouse is a 15-20 minute drive to a local beach and is one of the most sought after vacation spots in Jamaica.

9. Street food vendors in Manchester.

Annesha loves to try the local street food from the vendors in Mandeville. In this video, she tries chicken and fries with the ketchup and pepper on the side of course! She also loved a jerk chicken burger with the works: onions, lettuce and tomato from a local vendor, a classic Jamaican chicken foot soup from a man on wheels, and of course no street food experience would complete without roast corn.

Street Food

Street Food

10. Local River holes



The best part of living outside of the cities is the local rivers that you can visit daily with your family. Annesha loves to frequent her local river near her home.

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