Photo Highlights: Jamaica’s Eclectic YUSH! Party Series Touched Down in Miami With Nuff Attitude

YUSH!, the signature party series native to Kingston, Jamaica, recently touched down once again for a one-night stint in Miami, Florida. The party event was hosted by Jamaican dancehall artist, Baby Cham, who is perhaps best known for his Ghetto Story smash hit collaboration with American R & B songstress, Alicia Keys.

The 90s-themed YUSH! party attracted a large turnout, and fans of dancehall and reggae, young and old, had plenty to be thankful for as wicked sound system juggling came from DJ Delano (Renaissance Disco), Richie Poo (Silver Hawk) and Coppershot sound.

Originally, the brainchild of Scott, PP and Quizz and based out of Kingston, Jamaica, the YUSH! party series has since become one of the most anticipated events since its inception in 2003 as 90s-themed dancehall and reggae party—which has now become a calendar event that attracts party goers not only from across the island of Jamaica but also in Miami in recent years. And not surprisingly, even as dawn was visible in the Magic City, the South Florida crowd didn’t at all seem weary—courtesy of YUSH! which always delivers on its promise of ‘No Long Talking’…just pure music nonstop til a mornin’. The photos featured in this post seek to illustrate the vibes at the recently held YUSH! Miami party.

About the Author and photographer
Nick Ford lives and works in South Florida.  All photos in this post taken by Nick Ford.

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