Zandre Roye Is First Jamaican Winner of the Trinidad & Tobago Open Golf Championship

Jamaican golfer Zandre Roye described his historic first-of-his-nation victory at the Trinidad & Tobago Open Golf Championship at the Tobago Plantation Golf Course on March 17, 2024, as the most important victory to date.

Leading all the way

Roye dominated his rivals from the start and won with a nine-shot margin. He displayed a remarkable combination of consistency and skill and posted impressive scores on each day of the four-day tournament. The first day his score was four over par 76, and this was followed by one under par 71, one over par 73, and par 72, respectively on the other three days. His overall score was four over par 292.

A historic victory

Roye said it was his “biggest win so far;” he has played in four tournaments and won two to date, which he stated was a good beginning for him toward his goal of becoming one of the top 500 golfers in the world. He added that his victory proved that the hard work and discipline he has put into his game paid off.

Additional Jamaican victories

Even in the face of a strong competitive field, Roye’s fellow Jamaicans, Oshae Haye and Sean Morris, also turned in exceptional performances and finished 15th and 18th, respectively overall. Jamaica achieved another win in the President’s Cup due to the efforts of Roye and Haye as well. Trinidad & Tobago took second place, and St Kitts & Nevis came in third.

Photo – Zandre Roye