Zimbabwe to Install Bob Marley Statue

Zimbabwe to Install Bob Marley Statue

Martin Chemhere, a Zimbabwean arts and media consultant based in South Africa, has received permission from representatives of the legendary reggae singer Bob Marley to organize the creation and installation of a statue honoring the Jamaican artiste. Chemhere received the go-ahead on January 17, 2017, in a confirmation email. The eight-meter statue will be made of bronze by two South African artists, Andre Prinsloo and Rohan Janice Van Vuuren, who created the statue of Nelson Mandela that stands near the Parliament/Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa. Chemhere is recommending that the Marley statue be erected at RI faro Stadium in Mare, Harare, as this was the site of historic independence celebrations and performance by Bob Marley and The Wailers. Marley’s 1978 song “Zimbabwe” inspired the nation’s freedom fighters to battle for independence. Of the more than 50 countries in Africa, Zimbabwe is the only one in which Marley performed. For his concert in Zimbabwe, which he gave to show support for its independence, the reggae icon refused to be paid and instead used his own money to transport his band and all their equipment from Jamaica to Harare. Chemhere says the statue is definitely a national project and expects to have strong support from the national government, the Tourism Authority, the Harare City Council, corporate sponsors, and individuals, both locally and overseas.

Source: Daily News , Erick Pinedo

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