Christmas Greeting

(To the tune of Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, etc…)

Breadfruits roastin on an open fire
Mongrels nipping at your toes
Dancehall songs being sung by a choir
An we dress up in we bashment clothes

Everybody knows

When gungo cook an sorrel flow
Yu dun know seh de season brite
Gal an bwoy wid dem starlight a glow
Dem naw go waan fe sleep tonite

Dem know seh joyride deh pon di way
Wit music rockin, rockin tru de day
An all de chicken dem a try fi spy
Fi see is which one a dem is gwine fry

An so, we want to big up everywan
All kidz from one to ninety-two
Aldoah money dun
Have a hole heap a fun
Irie Chrismus, Irie Chrismus … to yuuuu!!

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