Jamaican Mango Names

Written by Xavier Murphy

There are many types of mangoes in Jamaica but most Jamaicans do not know the name of each species of mango. Jamaican however have some very “colorful” names for the different species of mangoes across the island. Here is a list of names of Jamaican mangoes. Be sure to add your Jamaican mangoes by adding a comment.


  • Julie Mango
  • East Indian Mango
  • Hairy Mango
  • Bombay Mango (Bambay in Jamaican patois)
  • Blackey Mango
  • Green & Red Mango
  • Number 11 Mango
  • Stringy Mango
  • Graham Mango
  • Common  Mango
  • Bellyfull Mango
  • Robin Mango (Rabin)
  • Sweety Mango
  • Bluie Mango
  • Fine Skin Mango
  • Number 7 Mango
  • Beefy Mango
  • Sweetie Come Brush Mi Mango
  • Green Gauge Mango
  • Kidney Mango
  • Hamilton  Mango
  • Longy or Long Mango
  • Cowfoot  Mango
  • Bastard  Mango
  • Green Skin Mango

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    I have three of these Mango Trees in my yard … I have been patiently waiting ~ standing under each tree with my mouth open ~ FINALLY!!!