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11 Incredible Benefits of Mangoes That You Should Know

Jamaica to Increase Shipment of Mangoes  to USA and Other Countries

Jamaican and Caribbean people love mangoes and even though they’re regularly consumed, many don’t realize the incredible benefits the fruit contains. Mangoes go by many names in Jamaica that includes: Black, Bombay, East Indian, Graham, Hayden, Julie, Keitt, Kent, Long, Millie, Number 7, Number 11, Robin, Rose, Sweetie, Come Brush Me, Turpentine.

No matter what they’re called, mangoes are excellent in drinks, salads, and are even curried when they’re green. Eaten primarily due to its sweet flavor and famous for its versatility, the humble mango has a number of health benefits that most people don’t consider.

Mangoes have anti-inflammatory properties that can be beneficial for the heart.

The fruit is high in antioxidants that help the body repair itself and mitigate the effects of free radicals that contribute to the aging process.

Long known for its benefits in eye health, mangoes contain beta-carotene and when combined with the fruit’s stores of vitamin A, it aids in promoting eye health and can help in reducing the instance of age-related macular degeneration.

High in Fiber
It aids in maintaining regularity that can help in alleviating digestive issues and constipation. The fiber content makes people feel fuller longer and can aid in weight loss and controlling blood sugar levels.

The iron in mangoes is helpful for alleviating and preventing anemia. It’s also helpful for addressing nausea and seasickness.

Low in Calories
Despite its sweetness, mangoes are low in calories making them a welcome addition in a variety of dishes for weight loss.

Tests have shown the polyphenols in mangoes to be effective in preventing and stopping the growth of certain types of breast, colon and liver cancer cells.

Mangiferin & Pectin
The two compounds found in mangoes are beneficial for reducing “bad” cholesterol, while promoting “good” cholesterol.

Vitamins A and C
Vitamin C is needed for collagen production that gives skin its elasticity and youthful look. It’s also beneficial for healing wounds and boosting immunity. Vitamin A is used in the creation of sebum that moisturizes the skin and scalp. The fruit contains 20 different vitamins and minerals required for overall health.

Vitamin B6
The vitamin is essential for memory and cognitive function in the brain and is also helpful in maintaining neuro pathways.

Vitamin E & Zinc
The vitamin acts as an aphrodisiac, enhances sex drive, and improves sperm count. Mangoes also contain zinc that’s needed for fertility in males and females.

11 Incredible Benefits of Mangoes That You Should Know

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