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Women Beware – by American Retiree in Jamaica

Written by John Casey

Women, be very careful with your relationship with men in Jamaica and this holds true also with men meeting women.  Jamaica is a country that is known for its friendly people.  They can be seen everywhere you go, from the airport when you first land, to the resorts where you spend most of your time, and even in the craft markets.  This friendliness attracts women from all over the world especially from the young, handsome, and well built Jamaican men.  But there is where the danger lies.  The charm of these men has melted many a maiden’s heart causing them to walk down the aisle with these Casanovas thinking they can live out the perfect marriage for the rest of their lives. 

I have learned through personal experience and feedback from my articles that too many women have fallen so hard for the lines of these men that they have blindly married what they thought was their knight in shining armor.  However, it didn’t take long before the new brides realized the honeymoon was over in more ways than one.  The most dramatic example I can share with you is one my wife and I were very much involved in.  Marcy and Todd, not their real names, met in Jamaica while having breakfast in one of the tourist restaurants.  The relationship started very quickly and continued to go so strongly that Marcy would fly to Jamaica almost monthly, sometimes just for a weekend, to see Todd.  The more Marcy saw Todd the stronger her love for him grew.  After several months of this long distance romance, they decided to get married.  I should point out that she was thirteen years his senior.  This didn’t seem to bother her because he knew how to make her very happy.  He literally swept her off her feet. 

The plans were made.  Marcy quit her prestigious position with a major law firm and moved to Jamaica bringing with her several hundred thousand U.S. dollars.  Together they built their dream home on property that Todd already owned with mostly her money.  Marcy would be living in that home as a loving stay at home wife while Todd continued with his successful taxi operation at one of the hotels in Montego Bay.  Then they bought a coaster bus which could hold about 40 passengers to be used as a daily bus service to and from Kingston.  They also bought a top of the line Toyota Mark II for her to use.  Each vehicle was purchased with her money. 

Several months later, the relationship started to sour.  Todd would call Marcy from the hotel frequently to tell her he had to take guests to Negril or some other strange story and would be very late coming home.  Then the arguments would start between them.  He was both physically and verbally abusive to her. 

Shortly after we moved to Jamaica, my wife and I met Marcy for the first time at in an in-home wake for a friend of ours and Todd’s.  The two women hit it off from the beginning and became good friends.  My wife particularly liked Marcy as she was the only American woman she had met up to this time.  But during one of their phone conversations, it was apparent that Todd was becoming very controlling of her life.  So much so Marcy had to account for every minute of every day.  Marcy would have to hang up quickly before Todd saw her on the phone or there would be even more questions.  It wasn’t many days after that last phone call between my wife and Marcy that I received a phone call from the police saying Marcy had been murdered.  The police called us as they couldn’t contact her two sisters in the states. 

To make this long story short, Todd was charged and tried for Marcy’s murder, but was found not guilty partially because some of the jurors lived in the same community as Todd and were afraid of repercussions.  Incidentally, Todd is now married to the girlfriend he had before and during his marriage with Marcy. 

Another couple we know met in the U.S., but he got deported to Jamaica before they could get married.  She, too, gave up everything she had and came to Jamaica to marry him.  He also became abusive but she was able to move away from him before she became another victim like Marcy. 

Two other women were forever sending money to Jamaica because their men said they needed cash for one emergency or another.  It seems they were both of the men were always having some kind of cash emergency.  One of the women came to Jamaica and married her man.  She is very unhappy with her situation but doesn’t have the funds or family to help her move on.  The other woman couldn’t make up her mind about moving to Jamaica.  It seems sometimes they could get along and other times they couldn’t. 

Some of the men try to marry foreign women as a ticket off the island.  Sadly, most of them still wouldn’t be granted a visa.  Others just want the money that they can milk off of these women.  Then there are those macho men who are just on an ego trip so they can brag to their friends about their foreign conquests.   

On the other foot I know of one Jamaican woman who tried very hard to get an English man to marry her so she could move to the U.K. with her fatherless children. 

I can’t believe that these are the only war stories of love gone awry.  That is why I am writing this article. Jamaican men have a bad reputation of being philanders.  Some of them have several girlfriends and baby mothers on the side.  I want every woman who comes to Jamaica to enjoy the talents of these smooth talking men to be very careful in getting too involved with them without stepping back and honestly evaluating the motives of these men.  Please, don’t become another Stella trying to get your groove back.  Later….

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John Casey

  • Cole Getto

    Not all Jamaican men are dogs in the same manner not all Americans are bad do you know the reverse of what you are saying happens to Jamaicans who encounter some Americans I an afraid of American women period but I know some are good.fix up your argument.

    • Lulu Bee

      My husband is a jamaican cheater and abusive and has the cheating hunting habit and all jamaican women are so cheap they dont care if the man is married they are offering themselves all the time online with facebook, jampersonals amd more inline sites, asking for and receiving money, jamaica is like sodom and gomorrah hopefully the earth sucks that island.

      • Baybijhem

        It’s stupid of you to generalize. Not all Jamaican women are cheap. I for one doesn’t depend on any man….not even family. I work for what I want and need so shut the f $€&$ up! I hope you get swallowed before this island though.

      • Cole Getto

        Well im not like that nether are all jamaican men if you dislike us so much why is your profile pic a j can flag . everywhere is like sodom now a days . i dont like woman beating or resoect woman beaters all im saying is dont judge all of ud by a fews mistakes.

  • ackeegrl

    lawd…it work both ways in every culture…..if you don’t take the time to get to know someone before you marry them then you get what you ask for.


      Jamaican has a bad culture of begging and always want something from someone. Hence the reason for them wanting to marry for convenience and easy way of life. I however blame these foreign men and women for behaving naive and allowing themselves to be taken advantage of. I can’t understand how this man got away for such a silly reason. The team of jurors should be chosen from another district. The American government should intervene and make sure justice served.

  • Black Princess

    I happen to come across this. But for anyone judging another country like this. If you travel alot you realize that other countries these things happen. I lived in Jamaica and I’m living in the USA and let me tell you this America is more Sodom and Gomorrah than anywhere else. This I’m not guessing I know, before I got married just standing at the bus stop made me so sick. You had more male prostitutes than anything. I could understand young men but older men in there prestige cars. Because I’m a black Africa Princess. Like they say I look different. More natural, more fresh. I guess I wasn’t looking worn out. And going along each day I’ve learn alot of things seeing and hearing that turn my stomach. There’s good and bad in Jamaica and everywhere. I like USA it has its good and bad. But it has a lifestyle of Sodom and Gomorrah and if you don’t see that then you living in denial. I could go on and on about men staying home and women taking care of them. But I’ll leave it to your conscience. Be bless!

    • Triniqueen

      Um America us not the only place with prostitutes. You are Judging America and you just said not to judge any one country. How come you didn’t mention any thing about Canada or another Caribbean country or a continent?

    • Mz Feisty

      I know you’re not talking about male prostitution in America. You can lose the self righteous tone on that note, because Jamaica is the Mecca for male prostitutes. Laying up with every Becky Sue O’Reilly that they could drop their pants for. Doesn’t matter if these horny ass females are 27 or 72, as long as they are white skinned and have money to spend. Acting like modern day plantation bucks and what not.

  • Nefertari

    This article is so true. I just had that experience. I wouldn’t send him any money, so he cut me off like a light switch. Mercy!

  • kristine08

    I wish I never met my Jamaican born husband.I met him in the US through my ex-sister-in-law. He is 13 years older than I, and grew up in Wait-a-bit, Trewlawny.
    After experiencing intimidation tactics, pathological lying, never apologizes EVER, cheating, and then deflecting, it all came up as “narcissistic personality disorder”. There is no cure except talk therapy. They think everything is everyone else’s fault so they rarely seek or agree to go to counseling. He is one of those people.
    It stems from childhood abuse and parents that did not teach self esteem or anything about respect. It is mostly MEN that have this disorder and not just Jamaican men.
    I cannot fix it and I am done living in fear another day. Days ago he picked up a lamp attached to a table, and held it over my head (while recovering from a lumbar fusion) in an attempt to scare me into submission, I videotaped the entire incident. His eyes look like the devil.
    We planned to have our now 21 year old son. But, when I first told him the blood test came back positive, he then said, “I hope you lose it”. What kind of jerk says that to anyone? If I did not have such terrible, all day long, morning sickness, I would have left that day. He then drove away to screw one of many mistresses. He could have never owned a home without a women because his credit was in the toilet bowl. Once we moved in, the disorder reared its ugly head. I was unaware of this disorder at the time.
    He is NOT in the US to have a happy family. He is in the US to make money to send home to his “blood-line-family.” The whole reason for being here is a facade.
    His brother was deported from the US after he molested his sisters daughter and then went to jail for it. He came here and then threw away the opportunity because of this narcissistic disorder. (it is genetic)
    Microphone drop>>>>I’m out!

  • Mz Feisty

    Personally, I don’t feel sorry for most of them. If most of these American, Canadian, and British women were thinking with their brains instead of from between their legs, then they wouldn’t be having this problem. I don’t sympathize with stupidity, sorry. As a woman, I don’t care where you’re from, I have enough sense to know that it’s the man who is supposed to be protector and provider for his wife and family, whether the wife is working or not. Good looks, biceps, triceps and leg muscles does not buy a home or pay bills. So if he can’t come right, then he won’t be coming at all.

  • Namie Namie

    I totally agree with the article. Jamaican men are all scumbag parasites who are looking for women to . They don’t just have that habit in Jamaica, even here abroad, they are loing good for financial assistance from women. I made the mistake of getting with one during my visit. He was always begg and telling me his ifinancial problems.