The Revolutionary One is among us…It’s a new Day

It’s funny how things come to pass in prophesy but the children always take long to recognize the revealed truth until great men have passed back unto the Father who gave them breath to speak His truth.

The fiery Sizzla Kolongi is an artist which most followers of conscious reggae have been following for just about a decade now. A colourful artiste with lots of depth is how he has maintained his maturity on stage. Chanting praises to JAH, the Rasta and revealed Jamaican God.

Sizzla has managed to stay the course of battling on behalf of the vexed generation who is faced with a cultural war in a time when much of the mythical concerns have been answered.

Mainstream media in the heart of Babylon has paid little eye to the voice of this potent messenger of the black man and woman. Indeed, as Sizzla points out, a lot of hypocrisy has been played by the spin doctors who claim to represent the great King’s purpose yet defend all forms of slackness.

In the fullness of knowledge many a pastor and politician who have hijacked the throne of the Kingdom, remain wretched as Kingston’s leaders are playing scant regard to the legitimate discourse most conscious Rasta artiste’s have questioned for decades.

In full cry I have heard, what is the purpose of a white Christ while biblical scholars have in fact pointed to the fact that the Christ of Nazareth was from a more radical and more natural manifestation of great God’s government on earth.

The Rastafarian language has been persistent, distinct and structured, yet whether its Ian Boyne or Clinton Chisolm of the Christian church who has managed to give the rebellious Jamaican disciples a public hearing, making the case that Rastas are viable servants of God who are at a crossroads. Yet neither gentlemen nor their brethren who represent the cloth on the Island seem prepared to begin the national groundation.

The Church continues to stand afar off, as far off as Rasta is from homosexuality. It’s either they are waiting for the whore of heretics who are based in commercialized and intellectual ghettos of Babylonian territory to answer the call of reasoning or they are confirming that they have no genuine role to play in unearthing the truth to the majority.

Nations that did sanction and participate in slavery with no direct apologies to a marginalized and spiritually downtrodden exploited group of people, continue to keep structures and language that are noticeably controversial, in the debate even while recognizing that the ordinary and lowly are in tuned with a new undercurrent.

None within the traditional divine theological understanding who reside on Jamaica, archbishop, priest, or lay preacher who continue to hear men like Mr. Kalongi and Abijah speak to large crowds about the deconstruction of lethal Christology that is being branded and used to further downpress the people in times when greater wisdom has been enlightened, makes the times we live in more prophetic than ever.

It’s perplexing, for although the church realizes that it is being seen as con men stone walling, defending an old elite system made up of self righteous men whom are unwilling to engage the young men who continue to communicate the message of God’s love and togetherness of God’s people. The men who inherited the throne of David are using it in a dangerous manner and those who are vehemently against religious herrings are not afraid to speak about the evil in Jamaica, making the battle lines of the future ominous.

Andrew “ Abijah” Smith, a dread, is a 1994 convert of Kingston’s Christ of Church, a member of the International Churches of Christ. This is a worship assembly that is seen by many traditional churches as a cult world wide. The disciple who performs at secular gatherings alongside acts like Shaggy and JA Rule, continues to stir provocative and mysterious music, lyrics that help to continue the new surge as Jamaican music gets back to it’s roots, providing an honest discourse of the state of the world.

The Seventh Day Adventist is the fastest growing denomination in Jamaica. The Rasta’s hold similar teachings to the viewpoints of these servants of God, on matters such as the legitimacy of Saturday Sabbath vs Sunday and dietary doctrines, inclusive of natural grains and herbs, are synonomous with both groups. Yet the SDA will not move on the matter of togetherness without the conferences getting orders from their superiors in foreign land.

Rasta’s and Jamaican Christian culture speak against homosexuality in heavy overtones, yet homosexuality and the universal Catholic church directed by the Vatican hierarchies in Rome continue to play politics with modern day peodophila and economic corruption and our people remain captives to a dysfunctional standard.

Why can the local Church not express and embrace the new name of JAH which is written of in the old testament of the King James bible? What of the significance of Bob Marley’s baptism before death at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and how does the Rastafarian proceed in unification of a national deity?

The University of the West Indies Mona has done some fringe discussions, based on emotional and pop culture issues such as music and marijuana decriminalization, yet a lot more can be done.

Sizzla continues in real Marley style in an interview with, he states that the bible is clear and straight forward and that his message is divinely inspired. “Cause in the beginning was the word, you know and God speaketh the word and the people speak word so”. The song writer believes each of us have the ability to speak the word inspired by God, which will go into the community and dwell among us. He says “If God is to manifest upon the earth, it’s the living being that’s going to do it and if bad must happen it’s the living being that’s going to do it. So once you are good and speak the right, you continue the works of Jah.” Sizzla said.

There are faithful believers of both Rastafarian and unorthodox Christendom whom believe the blame should placed at the official voices of the churches in Jamaica, who prefer to continue to divide, conquer and plunder the masses. The language and doctrines that many churches use is unreasonably cutting deep and making unnecessary enemies among family. As the church is quick to speak of those who are not with us, are against us, without making any attempt to reconcile differences.

One would have hoped that day to day findings of divine messages should move to break down distortions in the formalized National assembly. For even while Bob Marley remains the most celebrated musician of the 20th Century, regarded as a unifying and motivating voice which helped to cultivate peace among many fighting tribes of diverse nations, the national religious media company will not have music which is in the spirit of land hope of a faithful people, played on their airwaves because they are taking cues from disgruntled and confused hierarchy voices.

The average Jamaican family continues to battle through the challenges of this cult gap, as young men and women who grow up recognizing the obvious strengths of their African identity and the direct relationship it holds to the creator, are feeling alienated from the traditional churches who by default are not helping to tear away the obvious lies that shroud their institutions’ honest contribution.

It’s shameful and painful that the ruling class of this holy haven of the post colonial Christian world, a nation which has the most churches per square kilometre, have prevented the nation from living up to it’s truest potential.

The Jamaican bureaucracy of Church and State since Marley’s death, has done little to help the discourse towards greater spiritual inclusivity. The linkages between all religious groups in Jamaica remain reasonable. For all proclaim to be servants of the most High God believing in the old and new testaments. It’s this community which holds the society to the highest level of moral justice, while speaking out against nude weddings and hedonistic “Carnival” flesh pots. Jamaicans remain a tolerant religious community, who without the right leadership still recognize that no one sectarian group has a fullness of knowledge or has full understanding of the truth.

The flock seems more prepared to co-operate with each other, growing towards that divine end, than the Babylonian leaders who make up the archy and cracy which hold strain over the masses.

The communicators from the theological grounding have got to take some big steps forward. Ernlie Gordon, Al Miller, Herro Blair, Cleve Grant, Dumas & Roper, they have to begin the national groundation. Inspiring a reasoning that sparks what the National Assembly of God is going to be based on, an assembly based on our realities and understanding as a people, a nation of love, chosen by God to carry his message to the lost world.

The national anthem, motto, prayer & pledge, have been written in ways that exude that confidence by our fore fathers, that God did birth this nation and continues to guide us, now and for ever more. The Rastafarians have continued that tradition, as they brought to the world the message of the Christ, one of peace, love and justice for all.

It is Jamaica who feted the self acclaimed golden jubilee queen in 2002, with no malice or envy or hatred, a united Jamaica, who has been mature enough to forgive the downpressors of their past atrocities. This is a rich country which has the history and personalities to teach Christ message to the regimes that are bent on enslaving the multitudes with the mark of the beast. Heralding thy kingdom come, thy will be done, as the whore and mysterious Babylon crumble. I pray that we find the right language and people who will rise to our conquest, if it be JAH’s will.

In the words of Sizzla Kalongi, “The 144 miles worth of land is really beautiful. It is the creation of the Almighty. It’s just for the people of Jamaica to live upright and be beautiful in the sight of the Most High.” He believes like Marley, that we forward through this generation which will not bow to Babylon but shall liberate the people. “InI take it up, we don’t even throw no curse on our forefathers and mothers, we just do what is right and just conquer and bring all home, Africa straight, blessed.”

About the Writer, Philip Dinham

Phil Dinham is a member of our Jamaica prime time news team. He remains a Jamaican citizen in Ft lauderdale, United States where he is studying Hospitality and Tourism management at broward community college. Philip is a certified media professional with over six years of experience in formal media relations and radio broadcasting. Comment on this article and all Jamaica Prime Time presentations by writing respective authors at [email protected]