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Book Review – Reggae Silver


“Reggae Silver is an exceptional work that captures the unique spirit of Jamaica and its music.” claims Kevin O’Brien Chang, author, Reggae Routes: the Story of Jamaican Music.

“This narrative is so life-like that it puts to shame many of the non-fiction books I’ve read on the music.” says Lionel Gayle, News Editor, The North American Gleaner and Star.

“An excellent piece of work. Reggae Silver shows the brilliant mind of Horane Smith and reveals the excellent research he has done.” claims Gloria Maragh, The Jamaica Observer.

“If you want to be immersed in Jamaican culture, particularly its hypnotic reggae music, which has conquered the world, as well as savor the exquisite pleasure of fine writing, Reggae Silver is for you.” says Ian Boyne, multiple award-winning Jamaican writer and broadcaster.

About the Author

Jamaican-Canadian author Horane Smith brought you the perennial favourites Lover’s Leap, Port Royal, Underground to Freedom and The Lynching Stream. Read, again from the pen of one of the finest writers to come out of the Caribbean – Reggae Silver

For information and orders:
Watch out! Jamaican launch and public readings in Summer 2004
Available at major bookstores, souvenir shops and hotels from March 2004. Also available from amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and horanesmith.com

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